White Claw - Mark Normand

16-Sen, 2019
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It’s pretty good! #whiteclaw #comedy #funny

  • Nice

    falcondontflyfalcondontfly4 oy oldin
  • You can make the captions optional. They ruin the punchline for the hearing-abled.

    Boss HogBoss Hog8 oy oldin
  • Idk what it is, but i find Mark to be so sexy! I think it may be a combination of the self deprecation and how comfortable he is with his masculinity

    Cierra SeghettiCierra SeghettiYil oldin
  • Thanks, I'm Kevin Hart!

    omfgitsshanomfgitsshanYil oldin
  • Like you’re stuff man. Makes me not want to hang myself. Keep it up, no pressure.

    C WhipC WhipYil oldin
  • keep the content coming fucker

    baby Gasebaby GaseYil oldin
  • Is this I'm not Normand?

    Arm Wrestling Strong ManArm Wrestling Strong ManYil oldin
  • seen you on JRE, about time you came out from under the rock. keep killen it Mark :)

    Ian CarrollIan CarrollYil oldin
  • your demeanor reminds me of a young norm macdonald. i'm excited to see how you develop.

    Shithead with a hard RShithead with a hard RYil oldin
  • Ok this is an ad I can tolerate. "Move forward.......to the future!"

    Dingle BerryDingle BerryYil oldin
  • Can you tell william montgomery he sucks when you go on kill tony?

    CrackerBarrelKid 55CrackerBarrelKid 55Yil oldin
  • More UZworld You! Please.

    Ken JohnstonKen JohnstonYil oldin
  • Write more stuff

    Panther Heart The DruidPanther Heart The DruidYil oldin
  • *Queef*

    Brandon LemoineBrandon LemoineYil oldin
  • Hahahahaha

    BRILLiant Mindz MediaBRILLiant Mindz MediaYil oldin
  • When are you going to get your own Netflix special ?

    decepticonavid Gamerdecepticonavid GamerYil oldin
    • nah he's gonna do a tik tok special

      fruitypeebilsfruitypeebilsYil oldin
    • decepticonavid Gamer he has two albums coming out with a third soon and a Comedy Central special

      Richard DweckRichard DweckYil oldin
    • Gatapotata no that’s Comedy Central and his second album

      Richard DweckRichard DweckYil oldin
    • Doesn't "Don't Be Yourself" count as one?

      GatapotataGatapotataYil oldin
  • When I think of white people, I think of Connecticut.

    Simmer FredetteSimmer FredetteYil oldin
    • I'm not American but I thought u guys went with Maine? Heard it had the most white people and the least crime o_O

      Arm Wrestling Strong ManArm Wrestling Strong ManYil oldin
    • Or Vermont

      AJ DudeAJ DudeYil oldin
  • Zeroes, Wolverines privileged homosexual nephew, 🤣

    AK 4oAK 4oYil oldin
  • UH OH ... ITS THE CLAW! its gonna get ya... its gonna get ya!

    Dave SarraDave SarraYil oldin
    • No it's not, you liar

      Mark SteensonMark SteensonYil oldin
  • third

    Sarwar AzadSarwar AzadYil oldin
    • @Myles Blimey

      Panther Heart The DruidPanther Heart The DruidYil oldin
  • Second

    Mirackson CharilusMirackson CharilusYil oldin
  • First!!

    Jordan KnightJordan KnightYil oldin