Think Tank (The First 3 Episodes)

30-Apr, 2009
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Think Tank is a web series starring NYC standup comedians Matt Ruby and Mark Normand.

  • Hey Mark I got a good joke concept for you, needs a bunch of work but good amount of area for development. So everyone rants about texting e while driving but not watching porn while driving. What do think is more distracting? Ironically and horrifically thought of and wrote this while driving, dont worry nobody died, did get a little sticky though.

    Mizzle420420Mizzle4204205 oy oldin
    • When you die you get hard anyway, perfect crime

      Mizzle420420Mizzle4204205 oy oldin
  • Joe List looks weird here

    Ya'll BootsYa'll BootsYil oldin
  • This is's also funny to think about how this would never get made or published in 2019, sadly. I'm surprised you haven't taken it down, Mark, that's big of you. How do you feel about the Louis thing? I'm ok with it.

    BriarRoseBriarRoseYil oldin
  • get your shit together Mark put some new videos

    jose ferminjose fermin4 yil oldin
  • Long walks on the beach? nice young comedian special from '84.

    Julian McCulloughJulian McCullough11 yil oldin