Pedophilia - Mark Normand

8-Okt, 2019
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I’m thankful I’m not attracted to kids. Whew! for dates. Queef!

  • 0:35 That *hold for applause* ...killer

    Prennt57 GPrennt57 GOy oldin
  • One of his best jokes ! Never gets old.

    François St-JacquesFrançois St-Jacques2 oy oldin

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  • "And Jesus answered and said to them, “It is not those who are well who need a physician, but those who are sick. I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.”" Luke 5:31‭-‬32 NASB "But evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. You, however, continue in the things you have learned and become convinced of, knowing from whom you have learned them, and that from childhood you have known the sacred writings which are able to give you the wisdom that leads to salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work." 2 Timothy 3:13‭-‬17 NASB

  • my favorite mark Normand joke

    kristin martinkristin martin4 oy oldin
  • Why is this funny to people... smh

    Mbo JayMbo Jay4 oy oldin
  • Genius

    falcondontflyfalcondontfly4 oy oldin
  • comedy!

    Kelum AbhayawickramaKelum Abhayawickrama5 oy oldin
  • Good goin kev

    Bajjwal BhattaraiBajjwal Bhattarai5 oy oldin
  • Who’s here after the Chris Delia allegations

    Edgar EstradaEdgar Estrada5 oy oldin
  • Mark's frozen face... :D Love it.

    Nadav AbudiNadav Abudi5 oy oldin
  • Yes, here I am

    Xinping DonohoeXinping Donohoe5 oy oldin
  • Amazing that he uploaded this bit particularly on his own channel

    tiesthijsthejstiesthijsthejs5 oy oldin
  • Al go Ri thm

    Kevin M SmithKevin M Smith5 oy oldin
  • What is worst than ants in your pants? Michael Jackson

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  • welp this is in my history now

    Hingus BingusHingus Bingus8 oy oldin
  • Mark, just needed to say how wonderful it was seeing you in Spokane. Super talented Man. Hope you make it out to the Pacific Northwest again. Cheers!!!

    Vinny RossiVinny Rossi8 oy oldin
  • You’re as funny as you are handsome bro ;)

    WingsTMWingsTM9 oy oldin
  • Kevin hart killin it!

    Angel VargasAngel Vargas9 oy oldin
  • Good as always

    mrzx626mrzx6269 oy oldin
  • I love this joke.

    NicholeNichole9 oy oldin
  • Fucking hell, Mark 😂😂😂😂

    D. H.D. H.9 oy oldin
  • My favorite comedian.

    Max KielbasaMax Kielbasa9 oy oldin

    Gavin McLeodGavin McLeod11 oy oldin
  • Hey Kevin

    THTGTHTGYil oldin
  • Just seen you last night at Rooster T feathers. Fucking killed it brother. Hilarious 👍

    AK 4oAK 4oYil oldin
  • Kevin Hart be liek

    nee conee coYil oldin
  • Hahahahaha

    Guilherme ツGuilherme ツYil oldin
  • What a great joke

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  • Commenting for the algorithm👌

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  • 6 dislikes from grape juice only fans

    Ricardo Andrade MaloRicardo Andrade MaloYil oldin
  • This is one of the greatest jokes I've ever heard in my life

    Nick CostantinoNick CostantinoYil oldin
  • Hey

    HunterHunterYil oldin
  • Holy shit that was A fucking AMAZING BIT

    Dan EdickDan EdickYil oldin
  • genius

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  • Mark is a fucking legend #toosmalltocancel

    Roommate WSMBRoommate WSMBYil oldin
  • great work kev

    Cranberry KittyCranberry KittyYil oldin
  • Everyones uploading 4K widescreen video and Marks still on 1994 4:3 VHS quality! Woot woot go Mark!!!

    omfgitsshanomfgitsshanYil oldin
  • He actually nailed what pedophilia is really all about. It's a paraphilia so a disorder.

    Star LahStar LahYil oldin
    • Exactly, they didn't choose that, I like NoMAPs because they don't encourage actually harming children, I think that's good and if people with those thoughts seek help or just not act on those.. I can respect

      Nato the cringy Furr FoxNato the cringy Furr Fox4 oy oldin
  • Oh hi Mark! Hey when was this taped?

    Mr KillumsMr KillumsYil oldin
  • 🤣🤣🤣

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  • What's this Kevin shit mean

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  • What is an algorithm anyways?

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  • Holy shit 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Come back to Spokane. Haven’t been laid since.

    Taint ThinnerTaint ThinnerYil oldin
    • Taint Thinner there in two weeks fatty!

      mark normandmark normandYil oldin
  • too short to cancel

    Fabian080690Fabian080690Yil oldin
  • Pedophilia is not funny especially when it’s rampant in this country and among the elites

    J JJ JYil oldin
    • This is actually the only pedophilia joke that made me laugh because he made the pedo not the butt of the joke and made it funny too.

      Open mind Open heartOpen mind Open heart5 oy oldin
    • Christina Cartoonsoul that’s a mean trifecta. I couldn’t agree more.

      ScoobayScoobayYil oldin
    • Anything can b funny, I get where ur coming from and appreciate your empathy(as long as that's what it Actually is and not just virtue signaling) but I completely disagree, as someone who's been through alot of physical, mental and emotional abuse in my life I welcome Any levity I can find and if it' happens 2 b about rape, pedophilia or domestic abuse(things I've experienced personally)all the better, u either laugh or u cry in this world, I'd rather laugh thanks

      Christina CartoonsoulChristina CartoonsoulYil oldin
    • Hey JJ maybe just go back to the conspiracy theory videos

      Box ChatBox ChatYil oldin
    • And joking about it is only gonna spread it more ? It's your opinion that this is inappropriate, but it's opinions like these that are making today's comedy so PC and bland.

      YasserDjokoYasserDjokoYil oldin
  • Kevin Hart getting edgy with the pedophilia jokes!

    BigFan10BigFan10Yil oldin
  • It's been great seeing u do the rounds on some of my favorite comedy podcasts, please do more like Tigerbelly and Whiskey Ginger. Your 1 of my favorite comics, not only bcuz ur an excellent stand up with amazing timing but because u come across as a really genuine person and I really relate 2 the way u talk about your life experiences and your empathy 4 your fellow human. It would b awesome if u toured up here in British Columbia, the Okanogan is a Beautiful vacation destination, u could bring your girlfriend 😁. Take care and the best of luck with your career 🤗

    Christina CartoonsoulChristina CartoonsoulYil oldin
  • guys thats not Kevin Hart its Nark Mormand

    Space JewSpace JewYil oldin
    • He signs off as Kevin Hart,so it must be.

      Dave ODave OYil oldin
  • Mark Normand is always playing on my Bill Burr station on Pandora. Hannibal Burris, Tom Segora, Nate Bargetzy, Dan Cummings, Kyle Kannain and a ton more. Some classics like George Carlin and Robin Williams too.

    Aaron Burr Atwood.Aaron Burr Atwood.Yil oldin
  • Get this man a Netflix special already!

    Your Mom and DadYour Mom and DadYil oldin
    • Kevin ain’t doing any more specials for a while.

      Dave ODave OYil oldin
    • He already has a few up on Netflix.. look him up by his name "kevin Hart"

      zeroninzeroninYil oldin
  • gold

    tzvirutzviruYil oldin
  • 💕

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  • stay classy kevin heart

    jumajumaYil oldin
  • Glad to see Kevin Hart doing pedo jokes.

    CatdaddyCatdaddyYil oldin
    • Is this why he couldn't host the Oscars?

      Peter AndrewsPeter Andrews6 oy oldin
    • @Jean Sébastien Roy Turned him white as a sheet.

      CatdaddyCatdaddy11 oy oldin
    • He really recovered from his car accident

      Jean Sébastien RoyJean Sébastien RoyYil oldin
  • 😂😂😂

    Fatima JassicaFatima JassicaYil oldin
  • Youre the best

    Tom CrossleyTom CrossleyYil oldin
  • Eyee not a single bad negative comment so far. These the real one

    Flaccid GamingFlaccid GamingYil oldin
  • I fucking love you. And don’t let anyone tell u this joke isn’t ok. This is a fucking masterpiece. Keep finding the funny please

    Flaccid GamingFlaccid GamingYil oldin
  • The algorithm needs comments ...This one's for you Kev

    Rohypno tistRohypno tistYil oldin
    • @wankovich idk... it could be anyone, Hart to say

      Sky LukeSky LukeYil oldin
    • who's kev?

      wankovichwankovichYil oldin
  • See you in Tacoma

    Isaac McIntyreIsaac McIntyreYil oldin
  • Never disappoints! More please!!!👍

    Xero PuntXero PuntYil oldin
  • Delivery of that joke was 1st class! Your the best Kevin

    vigodatopia 222vigodatopia 222Yil oldin
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who's thought about this before. Ergo, I'm glad there's Mark Normand.

    PureBoxerP4PPureBoxerP4PYil oldin
  • Mark, when are you coming to England? I asked you years ago, still ain’t heard anything.

    TheHatedHaterTheHatedHaterYil oldin
    • Fuck England off. Coming into summer in Oz. Get on down here Mark.

      Dave ODave OYil oldin
    • No wonder, this is Kevin Hart

      Tobias MassowTobias MassowYil oldin
  • Good bit...

    Dave SarraDave SarraYil oldin
  • Great Joke!!!

    DJ HowellDJ HowellYil oldin
  • mark u r so cool

    Charlie SteinerCharlie SteinerYil oldin
  • Any comedian who can pull off a good child molestation joke is aces in my book.

    The StigThe StigYil oldin
  • I've thought about that myself as well =D

    HemulenssisHemulenssisYil oldin
  • Mark, do the world a favour and continue doing standup, you are honestly a light in dark times for the comedy world.

    MindOfWavesMindOfWavesYil oldin
  • Continued success, Mr. Normand!

    Magic PowersMagic PowersYil oldin
  • 1st one to like this! Love your comedy man. Keep crushing!

    Corey YandleCorey YandleYil oldin
  • Tremendous

    El PilotoEl PilotoYil oldin