Mark Tells SI Swimsuit model Nina Agdal NOT All Women Are Beautiful

29-Sen, 2020
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  • Mark is no simp

    Jared T-FJared T-F15 soat oldin
  • Marks right

    MAJmufinMAJmufin3 kun oldin
  • I don't relate to black comic's humor, but this Kevin Hart guy is really on to something.

    ArwenMeowArwenMeow4 kun oldin
  • You are lying Her Smile says he was right

    SquidwardDaPlug NguyenSquidwardDaPlug Nguyen5 kun oldin
  • arguing with a woman is like arguing with a doorbell

    CR055F1RECR055F1RE6 kun oldin
  • She’s not even that attractive

    The Anime LibarianThe Anime Libarian6 kun oldin
  • Dude is right. All women aren’t beautiful and all men aren’t handsome. Plain and simple. She would be appalled if we said we won’t fuck a fat girl, but she wouldn’t touch an ugly. Women love to say they’re feminists, but only when it suits their needs. Watch a Bill Burr special to break it down for ya

    Matt HagenMatt Hagen6 kun oldin
  • Mark standing tall while surrounded by simps

    ScottScott6 kun oldin
  • Mark is like the polar opposite of a simp lol. I wish I was more like him.

    nfinitiducknfinitiduck9 kun oldin
  • Those guys themself looks like some Neanderthals, lol.... If i looked like them i would be pissed....

    rehreh10 kun oldin
  • Everything he said was absolutely true.... there is a double standard. And at some point you have to have requirements, a standard. Not everyone can get a participation trophy. And modern feminism no matter how hard they try, not every woman is "beautiful". And of course corporate America is playing along (Sports Illustrated).

    Bill BoredBill Bored10 kun oldin
  • I like how he exposes hiporcrisy of hot chick next to him. Also, he's on point in everything he said.

    LesminsterLesminster10 kun oldin
  • Isn't her WHOLE JOB based around the fact that not all women are beautiful? She would be working at a gas station if that wasn't true.

    Sam SerraoSam Serrao11 kun oldin
  • Next to Opie, anyone can look funny, even this guy.

    William BlackfyreWilliam Blackfyre11 kun oldin
  • "Most models don't " lol dam Mark, brutal and off the cuff

    itstherevolutionitstherevolution13 kun oldin
  • Most models don’t. Lmao. Ten years from now she’ll be like wait a second 🤔

    azath houseazath house13 kun oldin
  • That's why Kevin Hart couldn't host Oscars.

    Ritik DRitik D14 kun oldin
  • This is the type of girl a man empties his ball bag on and doesn't want to even ask her name

    Omar AROmar AR14 kun oldin
  • It's mean to make fun of physical attributes. This is such a basic truth but people constantly break it

    Arnav RawatArnav Rawat15 kun oldin
  • As a 5'4" guy, thanks for the support Mark.

    JeremyJeremy15 kun oldin
  • She was the only hot chick in the video...I just wish she didnt talk so much...she comes off as incredibly stupid and brainwashed.

    Foobly trompleFoobly tromple15 kun oldin
  • These guys are no prize. They don't have any room to talk about peoples looks.

    S BS B18 kun oldin
  • "All women are beautiful" Mark the only logical one: That doesnt make sense...

    john doejohn doe18 kun oldin
  • Pretty sure Mark’s avg height. So on behalf of all the short guys out there I appreciate you sticking up for us Vertically challenged 🙌. I’m a little taller, 5’5”, so jurys out on if Nina would be Down but she’s so skinny idk if I can wrap my head around such a dense ly situated woman

    AdamAdam19 kun oldin
  • No matter where gregg opie hughes goes, mediocrity follows

    Just JeffJust Jeff27 kun oldin
  • Mark Normand ain't no simp... Tell em as it is

    NormanNorman28 kun oldin
  • Like any model, no brain, just laugh.

    MrHappyBoozerMrHappyBoozerOy oldin
  • Mark kinda got some game

    danger wafflesdanger wafflesOy oldin
  • Only man in the room was Mark

    Mr. FMr. FOy oldin
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So no, not all woman are beautiful unless they so happen to find someone who finds them that way. And not everyone does.

    Jon CollinsJon CollinsOy oldin
  • Okay, not really heard of Mark before, now I'm YouTubing the guy. Honesty is funny. Let's stop pretending all these woke comics are in any way funny, they're sell-outs. Also, out of all the guys there, the girl was probably wanting to talk to Mark after the show the most.

    CarlCarlOy oldin
  • This dummy- "i don't get your jokes" HAHAHAHA

    Sean NaughtonSean NaughtonOy oldin
  • I like these guys that think being "savage" makes them a comedian

    an032nvan032nvOy oldin
  • Anyone who says these girls are beautiful are just lying to themselves to feel good about themselves.

    Balloon PoopBalloon PoopOy oldin
  • Most models don't 😂😂😂

    Juan FloresJuan FloresOy oldin
  • “I don’t really get your jokes to be honest” hasn’t added anything the whole show

    Cyrano MahurinCyrano MahurinOy oldin
  • The developmentally disabled people I have worked with talk more normal than this girl.

    mgsfan15mgsfan15Oy oldin
  • Not all women are beautiful. Check this not all babies are cute either

    Michael PryorMichael PryorOy oldin
  • “I don’t really get your jokes” says the girl trying to hold in laughter the whole time(and failing lol)

    Chad PhelpsChad PhelpsOy oldin
  • What I love is this woman has to make the statement directly after the girl being described as bigger she has to make the point to say “SHES HOTTT” as if we’re all gonna sit around and say fat people are fucking hot, even tho if we were to do a SI issue and fill it with neck beards and fat dads women would legit sit around and spend their time making fun of it, when it comes to preference women are always the most hypocritical

    Baulzzz ZzzzBaulzzz ZzzzOy oldin
  • OOOOOOOH GOD, I didn't see that coming at all!

    Nick StewartNick StewartOy oldin
  • I hope this chick is hotter in person because something is off with her face like 1/2 chromosome or her mother had one bad night durring the pregnancy just ripped it up smoking drinking and drugs but just one night.

    S 4S 4Oy oldin
  • Her uptalk made me stop watching after 50secs

    str8 peckerstr8 peckerOy oldin
  • You know she was hella attracted to him tho...

    8mmKyle8mmKyleOy oldin
  • Dude woman are awful! They don't respect shorter guys buy praise fat ladys??? Wtf

    Orbo And friendsOrbo And friendsOy oldin
  • Mark normand is so great

    EatsMeSpinachEatsMeSpinachOy oldin
  • Ashely "Grey-Ham" smh what??

    jspur22jspur22Oy oldin
  • Eugh, the vain broad sitting there with no complex thoughts stroking her hair. I want chipotleeeeee, anyone else like chipotleeeeeeeeee? I'll just eat off your plate.🥴 oh hush hole

    Anxiety EbrietyAnxiety EbrietyOy oldin
  • She's just virtue signaling. If this chick got into an argument with the girl first thing that's being brought up is her weight

    Zach NoegelZach NoegelOy oldin
    • Exactly. Just like "feminists" when they get mad at a guy the first thing they will say is he has a small dick or he can't get girls. Their whole philosophy is about not being sexual objects for men but when they get mad that is the FIRST place they go.

      James ReeseJames ReeseOy oldin
  • when she told him she didnt understand his jokes he shouldve told her " oh cmon all comedians are funny"

    kaleb verakaleb veraOy oldin
  • Is that opie?

    MNPWxXxGreenBeretDalMNPWxXxGreenBeretDalOy oldin
  • Mark is wild 🤣

    ICeBerG SliMingTonICeBerG SliMingTonOy oldin
  • Those dudes were a bunch of pussies not laughing at the 5’ 4” joke

    The WhillsThe WhillsOy oldin
  • Those dudes were a bunch of pussies noy laughing at the 5’ 4” joke

    The WhillsThe WhillsOy oldin
  • Where to watch this full podcast?

    Piyush TiwariPiyush TiwariOy oldin
  • Mark the only man in the room..


    subliminaloats1subliminaloats1Oy oldin
  • Man I got nothing but respect for Mark. Even though all the other guys are chodes he keeps it real.

    SquareDatesSquareDatesOy oldin
  • Models don’t get your jokes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    J TrejoJ TrejoOy oldin
  • Why does dopie covers his mouth like a Japanese school girl when he laughs. "Only girls do that".

    Alfredo PalaciosAlfredo PalaciosOy oldin
  • Normand’s hilarious

    Jack JurphyJack JurphyOy oldin
  • Not all men are handsome, not all women are attractive. Clearly, it is all the fault of the Patriarchy.

    Hun KameHun KameOy oldin
  • I'll probably let almost any female plus size model sit on my face but the plus size women in my neighborhood aren't exactly models.

    NEFologyNEFologyOy oldin
  • Opie shave the beard. And Nina, you're kinda cute, just change your hair. It's awful. ;)

    Joey WoodpiecesJoey WoodpiecesOy oldin
  • 😅😂👏🏿👏🏻🙏🏼

    MoodMe UGC user generated contentMoodMe UGC user generated contentOy oldin
  • Most models don’t lmaoooo

    arvasu sharmaarvasu sharmaOy oldin
  • All of the dudes in that room are fuckin simps besides Mark.

    Jay VincentJay VincentOy oldin
  • Hating on guys is ok 👍, fat women are heroes

    Rain EATERRain EATEROy oldin
  • Don’t know how I missed this hahaha you the goat Kev

    seanseanOy oldin
  • Is there a link to the full episode/broadcast?

    tempestuouslobostempestuouslobosOy oldin
  • Opie!

    Calvin RiveraCalvin RiveraOy oldin
  • Mark was in beast mode! Was surprised to see Chris Distefano so quiet.

    Luis CLuis COy oldin
  • mark normand is a beast on podcasts!

    Cameron StoneCameron StoneOy oldin
  • Loved the pig comment, then ensuing "ham" jokes! faf! 😅😂🤣

    scatcrankscatcrankOy oldin
  • that pew pew pew pew is enraging

    SteelyD80SteelyD80Oy oldin
  • Hey guys its comedy. Lets not be mean to the young lady. They were all having a good laugh and as a result we laughed. Love ya mark youre awesome!

    Vin NayarVin NayarOy oldin
  • I can't be the only one who is bothered by the fact this chick couldn't pronounce Graham??? Called her grey ham lol.

    Chants UpChants UpOy oldin
    • @Gordon Beck Kind of like how "Bill Maher" is pronounced "Bill Marr".

      bunklypeppzbunklypeppz3 kun oldin
    • @Gordon Beck "gram"

      bunklypeppzbunklypeppz3 kun oldin
    • Wait how do you say it properly? Grey'am?

      Gordon BeckGordon Beck7 kun oldin
  • That last line. "Most models don't" killed me. So little time as she tries to derail him at the end.

    Attack Button GamingAttack Button GamingOy oldin
  • BBW= bad built women

    Asa HarveyAsa HarveyOy oldin
  • where can I find the rest, I dont know any of these radio people

    busfahrer09busfahrer09Oy oldin
  • *laughs for 3 minutes straight* “haha I don’t get your jokes”.

    BanditBanditOy oldin
  • Way to steal opie’s content bud. You’re a true O&A pest

    Randall HahnRandall HahnOy oldin
  • Ah morning zoo radio... bunch of guys trying to ripoff Howard stern the best

    Pj HarperPj HarperOy oldin
  • Yoh the end of this makes the whole thing, mark normand is a savage

    Nick SapienzaNick SapienzaOy oldin
  • S/O to Mark for being the only one not licking her ass after everything she said. They way Chrissy D and the others acted were annoying, I appreciated Mark putting the hot chick in her place.

    Seymour_24Seymour_24Oy oldin
  • She didn’t even fake a response to the short height comment

    yankkesruleyankkesruleOy oldin
  • Mark Normand is awesome dude lmao

    Joseph McCoyJoseph McCoyOy oldin
  • this comment section is incel central

    Ryan NasserRyan NasserOy oldin
  • Honey if all women were beautiful, you would be unemployed

    Ramp RatRamp RatOy oldin
    • If everyone was beautiful no one would be

      NatersNaters8 kun oldin
  • You’re dead on! Even Photoshopped, their cellulite shows.

    Cody J MillerCody J MillerOy oldin
  • imagine being this pretty girl who's been living on a steady diet of celery, seeds and coke for a decade, telling everyone how big women are pretty.

    CrzyLionCrzyLionOy oldin
  • Why aren’t there any male plus sized models?

    TX USATX USAOy oldin
  • She's a freaking heifer 😂

    Vick Mann Jr.Vick Mann Jr.Oy oldin
  • Should have said that the big girls are way better looking than her and see how she likes that.

    Bolo that mutha fukinBolo that mutha fukinOy oldin
  • I dont think she gets jokes at all tbh

    Brad SBrad SOy oldin
  • She is so wannabe PC, and you can tell she doesn't want any backlash from the internet. And I agree, why would you wanna catch flak for a radio show.

    Michael SchwarzMichael SchwarzOy oldin
  • Would love to have their pictures thrown up on a screen for a bunch of models to judge.

    awakenwith bbawakenwith bbOy oldin
  • That Nina girl is horrible is such a buzz kill, wow. Even the way she talks is annoying.

    Flatline optimismFlatline optimismOy oldin
  • She handled it better than I expected honestly. She struck me not as someone who is a phony but more as a company girl toeing the company line. She can’t say another model in the magazine isn’t hot. Mark would never come out on stage and say another person performing on the show with him isn’t funny.

    Chuck BlazeChuck BlazeOy oldin
  • Ashley Grey ham it’s pronounced grayum you stilted clam owner.

    Chisel TeethChisel TeethOy oldin