Mark Roofmand

2-Okt, 2020
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Jizzing on a roof!! Comedy!

  • I swear I laugh just as much when he says “comedy!” as I do at the actual jokes! 🤣😆 Mark Normand is a treasure. Oops, I meant Kevin Hart 😜

    Catherine GilliamCatherine Gilliam12 kun oldin
  • What is this world coming to, covid is fake as shit yo.

    Jeremy WatersJeremy Waters14 kun oldin
  • Smart to keep working during the pandemic. Our office (essential business - health related) stayed open while others closed and we upped our hygiene game as well as increased ad spending and we destroyed and now have more patients than we would have had if it were not for the #plandemic No patient or employee was sick and we had patients coming in straight from Wuhan during the peak! It's either from above standard OSHA protocols or.. you know.. maybe it was overblown to force vaccinations and forces quarantines. Our rulers flexing their muscles and playing with our minds. Yes, I know people who knew people who died from something that they said was caused by COVID.. but most of them had pre-existing conditions. I also know a guy who had Non-Hodgekins Lymphoma whose immune system was destroyed from chemo when he was 15 and his wife who he sleeps next to had COVID and he never even had a fever or a cough.

    C GC GOy oldin
  • Love ya Kevin Hart woot

    Michelle CampioneMichelle CampioneOy oldin
  • 👍🏽🙏🏼👏🏻👏🏿😅😂😅😂

    MoodMe UGC user generated contentMoodMe UGC user generated contentOy oldin
  • Next one in a subway

    Callum OrmondCallum OrmondOy oldin
  • The passion is real, I admire the motivation

    seawitseawitOy oldin
  • 1:45 Kevin Hart is right in front of her and shes on her phone 🤦‍♂️

    Operation 3SixtyOperation 3SixtyOy oldin
  • The best! Laughed the entire time

    Jason HardenJason HardenOy oldin
  • No roofies jokes? Man, I love Mark... Hope over to our channel - we discuss just why Mark is currently on another level #Comedy

    Kids Eat Toast SometimesKids Eat Toast SometimesOy oldin
  • Mark I’ve been a huge fan for years and TWS is THE funniest podcast that cheers me up every time no matter what, but some of these gigs are terrible because you seem unprepared. Good jokes. Bad rhythm. Very poor delivery. And the whole schtick seems to BE to BOMB rather than actually deliver an amazing performance for the audience. Also, the uuuum between every joke. I mean, why? Still? Your delivery was at peak a few years ago. It’s like you’re doing the best to fail. You should be a huge comic by now, but you’re sabotaging yourself.

    pressrepeat2000pressrepeat2000Oy oldin
  • I think Mark needs a catch phrase, or maybe just a catch word.

    Anthony ABAnthony ABOy oldin
  • ...Comedy....Get your comedy

    R LR LOy oldin
  • Mark has to be the hardest working comic during the pandemic

    Lu Know ItLu Know ItOy oldin
  • Comedy!

    Nicholas TorresNicholas TorresOy oldin
  • Thanks for coming fatty

    Memerino !Memerino !Oy oldin
  • Comedy!

    Calm Her OnCalm Her OnOy oldin
  • I love these man! keep it up!

    WoordUppWoordUppOy oldin
  • This guy Kevin Hart is gonna be huge one day

    Mike PosnerMike PosnerOy oldin
  • Better be careful about those types of gigs, hanging around the rooftop is a sure way to increase your chances of getting shingles. You’re no spring chicken Mark 😂😂😂

    Rich VailRich VailOy oldin
  • PRAISE MARK NORMAND Kevin Hart ❤️ Allah

  • best comic standing

    Alexander KhlapovAlexander KhlapovOy oldin
  • Thanks for sharing these Mark, I've got no chance to see you live so these give me a shot of fresh raw fun comedy amidst the... well you know. Don't torture yourself too much, just the right amount for mutual convenience? Keep it up and thanks again.

    II III IOy oldin
  • Thats my agent🤣😭💀

    Peterson ConaldPeterson ConaldOy oldin
  • comedy!

    jt klingenmeierjt klingenmeierOy oldin
  • Normand is ficking hilarious, cant rate him highly enough

    pohmakas33pohmakas33Oy oldin
  • God you're so sweet Mark. Really hope you are loving life. ❤

    Pink ComedyPink ComedyOy oldin
  • Love it!!!! :)

    Jane HookerJane HookerOy oldin
  • Please co-headline with Louis CK

    spar0035spar0035Oy oldin
  • Rocking the chin diaper

    M MM MOy oldin
  • Can’t be mad the jokes ended up in the gutter since they fell off the roof

    Andrew VignereAndrew VignereOy oldin
  • No comment.

    Zulu DoctorZulu DoctorOy oldin
  • I like how he uses absolute throwaway material at these shows.

    MichaelMichaelOy oldin
  • Come to Kansas City plz

    Mike DeezMike DeezOy oldin
  • When exceptional comedian meets execrable audiences...

    Laser LotusLaser LotusOy oldin
  • if korona was as bad as it was made out to be mark would have been dead long long long ago

    Sing AlongSing AlongOy oldin
  • Kevin you really are gonna leave your Mark on the comedy world.

    Flex PiperFlex PiperOy oldin
  • what a pro...!

    Scott HanfordScott HanfordOy oldin
  • Lol shit he’s funny

    Bubba KushiiBubba KushiiOy oldin
  • you are funny. fin

    Esoteric VeritasEsoteric VeritasOy oldin
  • 🤣🤣

    Juan AlvaradoJuan AlvaradoOy oldin
  • 😂😂😂😘

    angela pittsangela pittsOy oldin
  • I LOVE this guy!! “Thanks a lot, I’m Kevin Hart!” 🤣😂

    Catherine GilliamCatherine GilliamOy oldin
  • 0:06 Comedy!

    RealAssPirateBroadcastRealAssPirateBroadcastOy oldin
  • Mark your delivery and how you say "comedy" reminds me so much of Tenacious Ds song "simply jazz" .

    Matt BrownMatt BrownOy oldin
  • I will come to one of these shows! In nyc right?

    Willie SchickWillie SchickOy oldin
  • comedy is officially dead

    Evan CarneyEvan CarneyOy oldin
  • stealin the brain/abuser line. sorry and thanks, mark. hog bless you.

    Annie KnuesAnnie KnuesOy oldin
  • Why is this so short

    Boban GoranovićBoban GoranovićOy oldin
  • What a funny gentleman. I bet he's gonna star in movies someday with Dwayne the Rock Johnson

    master chiefmaster chiefOy oldin
  • you the shit man!

    PabloWanPabloWanOy oldin
  • I love you man!!! You are the best

  • At least he is trying.

    MadNeroMadNeroOy oldin
  • Good job Kevin!

    Frédéric LaplanteFrédéric LaplanteOy oldin
  • Fucking legend

    Aaron HelforAaron HelforOy oldin
  • Imagine if the real Kevin Heart is like really pissed about all this impersonation thing.

    Pyro-MolochPyro-MolochOy oldin
  • These shitty pun-titles are making me feel all happy and gay

    Queensboro15Queensboro15Oy oldin
  • heckled by a train. nice also cool to edit it so that you only keep the jokes that bomb

    Sean BeadsSean BeadsOy oldin
  • He doesnt look right wearing that watch, dont recon he deserves it....

    John SmithJohn SmithOy oldin
  • Have a good night ive been kevin heart lol.

    John SmithJohn SmithOy oldin
  • Cmon Mark don’t be stingy

    Zachary SchmittZachary SchmittOy oldin
  • Respect to you for continuing to give us new content for all these random gigs that you do. Comedy!

  • Do comedy at construction site. Mark Foremand

    Charlie AndorCharlie AndorOy oldin
  • the last few bits were gold! i was dying laughing

    Mac YMac YOy oldin
  • This the ‘’grinding’’ that Brendan schaub has never done, which is why he sucks lol

    Masster GunnzMasster GunnzOy oldin
  • Man, if this dude doesn't make it to the top, he's sure as hell going to die trying. Reminds me up of Bill Burr when he was a young guy, that "nothing can stop me" spirit. I'm rooting for you Mark.

    Gene BurnettGene BurnettOy oldin
  • Traded one lip for another 😂 gold

    JayJayOy oldin
  • Kevin heart goodbye will never not be golden

    Dylan SkutchesDylan SkutchesOy oldin
  • 1:50 Where's "I'm Kevin hart..." :)

  • Every outdoor show he does everyone is always drinking White Claw. Is he sponsored by them or something?

    Adam J SmithAdam J SmithOy oldin
  • Why do you Always have your mask on your chin? Pretty dumb

    Dale JDale JOy oldin
  • Does anyone know what camera mark uses?

    RoddyRoddyOy oldin
  • Who was the geezer with the 90's video camera?

    joeriveracomedyjoeriveracomedyOy oldin
  • The bestest impersonation of a mute I've ever seen!

    Ian PIan POy oldin
  • Isnt that Roofin Hart?

    Dominate LifeDominate LifeOy oldin
  • Comedy!

    K dotK dotOy oldin
  • i love how NY comedy got even more punk that it used to be. great speakeasy feeling.

    jake vantasseljake vantasselOy oldin
  • He didnt lie. Bombs away.

    Eschaton 28Eschaton 28Oy oldin
  • you and tim dillon are takin over this quarantine

    Thomas GarciaThomas GarciaOy oldin

    Todd Le RouxTodd Le RouxOy oldin
  • I would pay CASH MONEY to watch the whole set

    Todd Le RouxTodd Le RouxOy oldin
  • Gotta pay the two rents somehow. Comedy!

    mindstormdmindstormdOy oldin
  • You're doing more roofies than Cosby!

    Michael MaloneyMichael MaloneyOy oldin
  • Hope there was Cuomo chips

    J MagnerJ MagnerOy oldin
  • Comedy!

    Bogdan PuscasBogdan PuscasOy oldin
  • I love Kevin Hart, just cranking it out!

    Mark SasaharaMark SasaharaOy oldin
  • Mark’s staying fit out there with all the rooftop shenanigans

    LindsayLindsayOy oldin
  • Never quit Mark!!! You're one of the funniest ones out there!! Go on Tim Dillon's podcast, go on Cumtown!!

    zackcraftzackcraftOy oldin
  • Mark Thenewnormand.

    StaggoleeStaggoleeOy oldin
  • I love these gigs! Idk why other comedians are shitting on you and others for doing them. Funniest comedian in the business. Come back to Tampa and play one of our glory hole spots...Mark Holemand?

    cagney 187cagney 187Oy oldin
  • Is this mic on... 😆

    zeroemanzeroemanOy oldin
  • NY looks so cool

    AlexAlexOy oldin
  • "Knock em dead" "Comedy"

    Kane affleck-brownKane affleck-brownOy oldin
  • I love these videos so much please keep doing this

    youtubeSuperfanyoutubeSuperfanOy oldin
  • Living Legend.

    Joel MarteJoel MarteOy oldin
  • This is our rooftop!

    The Tiny CupboardThe Tiny CupboardOy oldin
  • Kevin Hart sounds funnier than before.

    spider7venspider7venOy oldin
  • Legend

    Justin M. WoodwardJustin M. WoodwardOy oldin
  • That Kevin Hart is alright.

    Joel T. BeardJoel T. BeardOy oldin
  • clark foreman is a comedy legend. defintely has never had sex with dogs.

    Power AmuletsPower AmuletsOy oldin