Mark Normand - Thirsty Asians

15-May, 2020
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Mark is an asian supremacist. Big fan! They get no love and they kill it at everything. Kooky.
This is a clip from “Out To Lunch” Marks 3rd hour. If you enjoyed check out the full special here:
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  • Andrew definitely deserves to make sooooo much more money😂😂

    Kuda95 MKuda95 M5 oy oldin
  • Incredible special! Asian supremacist - my worst nemesis. Comedy!

    MulTfrancisMulTfrancis6 oy oldin
  • Hardest I’ve laughed in a while

    BlinkzBlinkz6 oy oldin
  • im asian and i find this asian

    jigglymabobjigglymabob6 oy oldin
  • Is that his real voice ?? Reminds of that old Raymond family show on TV when I was little and get to stay up 😂

    luckyStarluckyStar6 oy oldin
  • My God, this man's a genius! How'd I miss this??

    Mean Bean ProductionsMean Bean Productions6 oy oldin
  • i was literally peeling an orange. lmao

    Sarah SeagreenSarah Seagreen6 oy oldin
  • I listened to this early as hell this morning and you had me dying 😂😂😂

    AlexAlex6 oy oldin
  • Notice when the text for Asian people came up, the text was yellow.

    Allen Pierre-LouisAllen Pierre-Louis6 oy oldin
  • first time ive heard asians peeling things was a stereotype

    monomono6 oy oldin
  • That rebirth brass band at the end. Nice. #NOLA

    07clk35007clk3506 oy oldin
  • I love Mark but this was mediocre

    DGDG6 oy oldin
  • Other than physical acumen's, Asians are fairly dominant statistically in wealth and intelligence. But honestly, I'd rather have a man's body and be modestly intelligent/wealthy. I'm a tad Asian, myself.

    RMS550RMS5506 oy oldin
  • This guy is like the greatest comic I’ve never heard of lol

    Garrett PattenGarrett Patten6 oy oldin
  • Heads down, grades up. Lol

    Gianni PufaceGianni Puface6 oy oldin
  • Very stupid, more annoying than funny

    meerzameerza6 oy oldin
  • Tell everyone you know to give this guy a goog

    LordMarshLordMarsh6 oy oldin
  • Best illustration of the new adjacent whites : the asians

    Laser LotusLaser Lotus6 oy oldin
  • comedy!!!!

    BallsoupBallsoup6 oy oldin
  • Mark, you're one of the best buddy, thanks for the yucks every day!

    scott sscott s6 oy oldin
  • I dont say this lightly but Mark Normand is the funniest comedian of all time.

    Jeff WarrenJeff Warren6 oy oldin
  • 😂😂😂😂😂

    J LasJ Las6 oy oldin
  • This joke getting spread around is something I could have easily missed. So glad I saw this special.

    King 595King 5956 oy oldin
  • I’ve actually met an Asian man.

    Wren BoyWren Boy6 oy oldin
    • I find that hard to believe.

      thunderstar254thunderstar2546 oy oldin
  • Mark you're the best. I'm a Tuesgay all the way

    Tracy JeanTracy Jean6 oy oldin
  • Recently visited a Chinese restaurant to pick up an order and someone comes in asking me for their order. At first I'm confused like, "... But I'm clearly on this side of the counter?!" She immediately realized how presumptive her request was and apologized saying, "I just figured you worked here when I saw you wearing a handkerchief." And then walks out. I'm not even full Asian and I was born in Chicago. However, I was delivering food so she wasn't that far off. I forgive you for assuming random scrub wearing lady.

    bboyvincibilitybboyvincibility6 oy oldin
  • ...

    labgnatlabgnat6 oy oldin
  • I think he meant Orientals

    Bob LoblawBob Loblaw6 oy oldin
  • “I want u dealing blackjack or sitting on a box peeling something” loll

    K CK C6 oy oldin
  • I want the Herschel jacket

    Buchanan WinchesterBuchanan Winchester6 oy oldin
  • Funny shit!

    Dominic LaMannaDominic LaManna6 oy oldin
  • my man really did put Asian dialogue subtitles in yellow

    AsurAsur6 oy oldin
  • Get Fatty Joe Rogan to plug this special. Tweet storm the twitter of the people he follows because Joe only reads the comments on their tweets.

    Lucka PaniLucka Pani6 oy oldin
  • Hmm man don't already break down the jokes. I think let the special have a few weeks run. It's going good.

    OmerOmer6 oy oldin
  • Sitting on a box peeling something 🤣😭💀

    AK 4oAK 4o6 oy oldin
  • I laughed a little too hard at this joke. ❤️ you!

    Joolz425Joolz4256 oy oldin
  • His delivery has that tone of voice almost like this is too much effort for him to do

    sirgalliumsirgallium6 oy oldin
  • Lunch!

    Dom GDom G6 oy oldin
  • i love the asian quote is in yellow. I personally like a more off-white shade, not ripe banana.

    Thang VuThang Vu6 oy oldin
  • That Kevin Hart is really funny.

    Daniel GadwaDaniel Gadwa6 oy oldin
  • He ain't lying tho lol.

    alex'alex'6 oy oldin
  • Yakuza... Triads?

    Mike CampbellMike Campbell6 oy oldin
  • Dig the com.

    Dustin OfficinalisDustin Officinalis6 oy oldin

    Jay 2Jay 26 oy oldin
  • Probably the best comedian when it comes to being playfully racist

    Aven LathropAven Lathrop6 oy oldin
  • JOKES!

    David SpangenbergDavid Spangenberg6 oy oldin
  • You should have more of these. Just clips. So people who dont know you can get a glimpse of how funny you are.

    Allen EstradaAllen Estrada6 oy oldin
  • Hahaaaa

    Daniel KisingerDaniel Kisinger6 oy oldin
  • Hilarious. Watch his full special. It's free and, honestly, what else do you have to do with your time?

    Peter MozuraitisPeter Mozuraitis6 oy oldin
  • 喜剧 ! (Comedy!)

    Chris NorthcottChris Northcott6 oy oldin
  • hahahahaha

    Will CWill C6 oy oldin
  • Comedy!

    Jacob YeungJacob Yeung6 oy oldin
  • Hey mark can I get some top ?

    Mr.know lifeMr.know life6 oy oldin
  • This whole special is so good! Exactly what the gays needed during these scary times

    Sean TierneySean Tierney6 oy oldin
  • HACK

    BIG DICKBIG DICK6 oy oldin
  • Except for this little ugly bastard. Seung-Hui Cho

    Log SplittaLog Splitta6 oy oldin
  • It's true. I'm Asian and I've gotten away with multiple counts of theft and drug trafficking. I'm sure it will all catch up to me sooner or later. But for now, everyone seems to be looking the other way.

    SpaceManDawnSpaceManDawn6 oy oldin
  • Great special better than a lot of ones on nettflix.

    fabi_87fabi_876 oy oldin
  • 😂😂😂

    Andy BAndy B6 oy oldin
  • Letting the ads play for Mark. This man deserves to be paid for that great special.

    Blank SlateBlank Slate6 oy oldin
    • agreed. until you get the 50 minute ad telling you why tomatoes are bad for you

      Matt LewisMatt Lewis6 oy oldin
  • OH BROTHER this guy stinks

    jon castrojon castro6 oy oldin
    • spongebob

      The R. EightyOneThe R. EightyOne6 oy oldin
  • "....or sitting on a box peeling something." might be the best line of 2020 🍚🍚🍚😂

    M MM M6 oy oldin
  • Mark next time no captions. It gives away the jokes

    Rod MillerRod Miller6 oy oldin
  • Good strategy to talk about Asians A tip from Russell Peters i think , his channel gonna get boost NOW

    Janta SaatJanta Saat6 oy oldin
  • Super Funny... thanks for the laughs.. I just put words together so that they’re funny. There is a little more than that going on in your brain.

    Woodly MarcelloWoodly Marcello6 oy oldin
  • Awesome bit Kevin Hart

    Victor CorbeliiVictor Corbelii6 oy oldin
  • Hey there fellow Mark Normand fans, please check out our newest podcast where we interviewed Mark on what he’s been up to during quarantine 👀👈

    finnfmfinnfm6 oy oldin
  • If you're going to do an Asian joke at least let the punch line be your barber Jamal being Asian. Now that's comedy.

    dd6 oy oldin
    • True story. I know Filipinos that are named Jamal

      Troilland FordTroilland Ford6 oy oldin
  • Spanish people aeyaeyaeyaeyaey gets me every time I see it🤣

    The YouTube AlgorithmThe YouTube Algorithm6 oy oldin
  • Lol .. I thought there are going to be jokes about thirsty asians.. like "show bobs and vagene" or something.

    Arish AliArish Ali6 oy oldin
  • ZING!

    DNYGDNYG6 oy oldin
  • Congrats on 500k! Great joke and tactic to draw in new viewers

    TomthetrainwreckTomthetrainwreck6 oy oldin
  • You fucking racist piece shit I hope you rot in hell. You put norm and bill's art form a mockery of thinly veiled insecurities and resentment

    Boris JohnsonBoris Johnson6 oy oldin
  • Hispanics have WEPAAAAAA

    Yamonda KawazukiYamonda Kawazuki6 oy oldin
  • In an era of comedy dominated by storytellers, Mark drops a real joke tellers special and it's awesome! Nice job, chooch!

    David MuroDavid Muro6 oy oldin
  • Clickbait. I almost forgot there was a definition of ‘thirsty’ that doesn’t necessarily describe a sexually desperate person.

    Spudanky!Spudanky!6 oy oldin
    • @Uncle Iroh Not part of the joke, but the title was probably worded that way as a joke.

      w ww w3 oy oldin
    • I watched the entire standup routine and still thought that

      SawyerSawyer5 oy oldin
    • On closer inspection these are loafers.

      AlexAlex6 oy oldin
    • Peter I’m not the sharpest bowl in the bowl drawer, but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t part of this joke, lol

      Uncle IrohUncle Iroh6 oy oldin
    • Spudanky! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Tobi OjoTobi Ojo6 oy oldin
  • Best 1-hour in a long time. #Teammark🇩🇰

    Det er sjovt💪🏻🇩🇰Det er sjovt💪🏻🇩🇰6 oy oldin
  • I'm Asian and I approve

    ZechenZechen6 oy oldin
    • I'm Chinese and I approve. They do it with black people too. Africa is not a country. It is a continent with a lot of different countries with in it, including Egypt.

      Krebstar 6000Krebstar 60006 oy oldin
    • Why are you on UZworld? You should be working!

      Slayer MackSlayer Mack6 oy oldin
    • @littlebighumancom I told some indian lady she was asian and she was furious.

      BDC MattBDC Matt6 oy oldin
    • @littlebighumancom yeah, they do the same with "White".. not Irish, Italian, German... Also weird.

      HonkertonHonkerton6 oy oldin
    • It's funny to me that in the US you use "Asian" as a race. Not Chinese, or Indian or Japanese etc. while they are so different. Just my 2 cents.

      littlebighumancomlittlebighumancom6 oy oldin
  • One of the most cleverest observations. No one else I see in the stand up world thinks of stuff like this. Or they think it and too scared to say it, but not you Mark. That's why we love you

    David ApodacaDavid Apodaca6 oy oldin

    John SchaeferJohn Schaefer6 oy oldin
  • Subs? Why

    MinerGateMinerGate6 oy oldin
  • The guy who shot up Virginia Tech is pretty progressive for an Asian to be breaking these stereotypes.

    H OH O6 oy oldin
    • He shot up coz he believed his prof stole his work (thereby grades) for his other students. Still about grades lol

      Jaffa InclusiveJaffa Inclusive6 oy oldin
    • Love this dark humor stuff

      FantaCanFantaCan6 oy oldin
    • He tried to impress his cool white friends.

      Caustic GripCaustic Grip6 oy oldin
  • good call with the clip, i will definitely watch the full length later today

  • This was a gem

    Chris youngChris young6 oy oldin
  • I didn't know Kevin Hart is an Asian supremacist.

    Nursultan TulyakbayNursultan Tulyakbay6 oy oldin
    • Have you every been so gay you love Tuesday?

      Tylor MyersTylor Myers6 oy oldin
    • Better that than a height supremist

      Dan AndersonDan Anderson6 oy oldin
    • *The more you know*

      Nick DNick D6 oy oldin
  • You are prevailing during all this Bullshit Mark. Best of luck towards your Comedy career.

    Jonathan GuevaraJonathan Guevara6 oy oldin
  • this and louis ck's special. just 2 good specials in 2020 .

    जिज्ञासाजिज्ञासा6 oy oldin
    • pirkkala yep I am a broke ass. I pay more in child support than you probably earn and even if I did have the money I wouldn’t pay

      Living LegendLiving Legend6 oy oldin
    • Doug Stanhope is releasing one on 19th. so hopefully 3 good specials!

      Gulshan KishorGulshan Kishor6 oy oldin
    • @Living Legend you dont have 7 dollars? lol broke ass

      e pirke pirk6 oy oldin
    • @जिज्ञासा eh not really it was pretty fucking hilarious.

      e pirke pirk6 oy oldin
    • Never mind you gotta pay for it, I’ll wait

      Living LegendLiving Legend6 oy oldin
  • I noticed how you made the Asian person's subtitle yellow Mark! Comedy is in the details, eh?

    Sahil GSahil G6 oy oldin
    • The black person subs were yellow too. It's just quotations that are yellow.

      MaXiMuS PRiMEMaXiMuS PRiME6 oy oldin
    • In my country the yellow guy is "the one that farted and didn't own it". So as a frequent farter myself....that offended me too.

      SérgioSérgio6 oy oldin
  • Very funny spesh, I love Mark! There was a coloreds only, not a blacks only. The whites had their own, then everyone else drank from the other. Just had to say this hopefully to stop any dimwits from repeating this as if it was an actual history lesson.

    MattMatt6 oy oldin
    • No asians were pretty much considered white. Coloured was almost always synonymous with black or mixed race. Not saying asians werent discriminated against either but they were consistently alloted way more privilege than african counterparts similar to native americans. Segregation after all was about keeping blacks from whites.

      MOONIEMOONIE6 oy oldin
  • Asian subtitles in yellow wtf lol.

    AdityaAditya6 oy oldin
    • Nope. The black people quotes were yellow too.

      MaXiMuS PRiMEMaXiMuS PRiME6 oy oldin
  • asians used white bathrooms since white supremacy usually hates blacks but is just annoyed by other groups

    Pyat PreePyat Pree6 oy oldin
  • Asians top out at a certain level and from what I've learned in my 10 yrs of college, have very little imagination. That's why asians have to copy/steal American ideas/intellectual property.

    Big MikeBig Mike6 oy oldin
    • @Mister Manager and it was more of a comment on the chinese government for taking away their citizens freedom to speak and think and that is causing the lack of imagination. Plus bigotry requires hate and I don't hate chinese people.

      Big MikeBig Mike6 oy oldin
    • @Mister Manager bigot? I didn't say they were bad people, I just said they lacked imagination, and I put most people in that category regardless of race.

      Big MikeBig Mike6 oy oldin
    • @Big Mike not gonna argue with a bigot who lumps millions of people into one stereotype

      Mister ManagerMister Manager6 oy oldin
    • @Mister Manager I have master's in structural engineering, Asians are book smart. Unless they've been Americanized.

      Big MikeBig Mike6 oy oldin
    • emphasis on "10 years of college"

      Mister ManagerMister Manager6 oy oldin
  • so they get a comedian to like china as they spread the virus, clever !

    Robert DebickiRobert Debicki6 oy oldin
  • loved the special, fatty

    Scottie MScottie M6 oy oldin
  • Mark please don't be like Bert, don't put clips on your main channel please, make a new clips channel just for clips and experimental content or people will turn off the notifications and it can end up hurting the growth of the channel ;) Your special is better than Jerry's, much love :)

    Monstro TugaMonstro Tuga6 oy oldin
    • @0zem exactly :)

      Monstro TugaMonstro Tuga6 oy oldin
    • @Breinheimme Sotin You're totally right!

      Monstro TugaMonstro Tuga6 oy oldin
    • Monstro Tuga oh man that sounds pretty bad. the other thing is that imho UZworld became a little too messy, jizzy, gay, you name it... if that’s how it works, maybe it’d really be better for Mark to find somebody who knows how to crack that shitty algorithm mystery. otherwise his channel gonna end up in an ocean of channels with less than 100k subscribers.

      0zem0zem6 oy oldin
    • Gunnar you must be amazing and smart and beautiful you have to be the smartest person alive you are right I am wrong if you say Bert is shit it’s because he is because you are the greatest powerful god of comedy Gunnar grow up just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it’s bad maybe you have bad taste or are just dumb maybe?! But keep it up, the world definitely needs more people like you ❤️

      Monstro TugaMonstro Tuga6 oy oldin
    • 0zem the point is, when you mix long form content with short clips UZworld stops suggesting your channel the algorithm gets confused or prioritizes channels with long form content and people receive notifications for short versions of the content they already watched they tend to turn off notifications just my 2 cents ;)

      Monstro TugaMonstro Tuga6 oy oldin
  • Loved the spesh. We'll get that view count up to a mil in no time!

    Jan Viktor MartinJan Viktor Martin6 oy oldin
    • That's what's up

      binimgartenbinimgarten6 oy oldin
    • Aura Glasswerks it is honestly one of my pet peeves when people do that like saying ‘lol’... I’m like it’s the same amount of syllables! Saying it completely doesn’t really shorten it! Granted I like when mark does it because he’s the king about it. You guys have a great weekend out there!

      Living LegendLiving Legend6 oy oldin
    • Aura Glasswerks calm down there, fatty

      St JamesSt James6 oy oldin
    • Jan Viktor Martin Don’t talk like Mark fucking douche

      Aura GlasswerksAura Glasswerks6 oy oldin
  • Mark Normand is my favourite "pure" comedian right now. Tim Dillon i think is the "naturally" funniest comedian right now. They are the top two most underrated comedians right now, but honestly, they are both going to be big in the next couple years. I hope they stay funny then.

    Tylor MyersTylor Myers6 oy oldin
  • Lmaooooooooo

    Vin NayarVin Nayar6 oy oldin
  • Comedy! Love the special chooch

    Jonny SousaJonny Sousa6 oy oldin
  • Mark is the most underrated comedian right now.

    Cliff SteeleCliff Steele6 oy oldin
    • Guyin Apocket he used to open for her. She produced some of his specials. He’s a million times funnier. I know you’re joking.

      Cliff SteeleCliff Steele6 oy oldin
    • Nah its the funny girl amy schumer

      Guyin ApocketGuyin Apocket6 oy oldin