Mark Normand on Adam Ray's "About Last Night" pod!

11-Noy, 2020
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Mark chops it up with Adam Ray on performing at parks, getting teased in HS, bedwetting, Seinfeld, making the family laugh, and why the word queef is funny. Comedy!
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  • Can you guys help me.. i see an epidemic of people saying 'on' accident now... you guys didn't even say it i just need your help...on accident cannot be used as an adverb phase, both on and accident are used as independent words in sentences. Whereas, 'by accident' is the only correct phrase to indicate unintentionally or accidentally.

    KilliationKilliationKun oldin
  • its over things will never go back

    McGheeOHMcGheeOH4 kun oldin
  • Two of my fav comics! Great pod!

    Mitchell SeemanMitchell Seeman8 kun oldin
  • Adam sounds like hed sing some killer show tunes

    Yo THIS PLACEYo THIS PLACE9 kun oldin
  • Mark is the last person just sticking to comedy lol that’s all I want. Let us unplug.

  • Adam how old are you ? U talking about sean conery like ur an millenial

    denno Makadenno Maka9 kun oldin
    • Youre welcome 😂😂🤙🏾

      denno Makadenno Maka9 kun oldin
    • Thanks!

      adamraycomedyadamraycomedy9 kun oldin
  • Hey can anyone tell me what kind of ray is an Adam Ray?

    adamgm84adamgm849 kun oldin
    • Adam Ray Gun

      sanjoriotsanjoriot2 kun oldin
  • Wow Mark does a lot of podcasts

    desdemona ldesdemona l9 kun oldin
  • I suspect Kevin Nealon and Seth MacFarlane had a baby together and named him, "Adam Ray".

    Martin DaltonMartin Dalton9 kun oldin
  • “Yeah, my nieces are 11 and - I don’t think they’d give a shit if I talk about this -....” 😂😂😂😂💀😂😂

    Brian JacksonBrian Jackson10 kun oldin
  • Ah Kevin Hart and his quiver full of quippy queefs.

    DaveDave10 kun oldin
  • Ark Normand @ the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, KY. It's already a joke. Book it!

    lordcrunklordcrunk10 kun oldin
  • Marky Mark!

    Dalby1617Dalby161710 kun oldin
  • I did stand up evertday in high school ro the point they had to hire a teacher to keep me out of class cuz soon as I was on a roll even the teacher got sidetracked an now all I want to do in stand up an the only comedy club is gone

    Jay MJay M10 kun oldin
  • 38

    MyHerpes ItchMyHerpes Itch11 kun oldin
  • Ur the shit mark. Much love from the west coast! Cali 🍁

    Ed.genesis 90twoEd.genesis 90two11 kun oldin
  • We need that comedy club here in seattle!

    Jackson AlesnaJackson Alesna11 kun oldin
    • Yes! Especially to negate all the violence and mayhem from Antifa and the homeless in Seattle. You see the doc on here called “Seattle is Dying”?

      Frederick0220Frederick02207 kun oldin
  • Big fan Mark. Best hour released in 2020.

    Brendan CarmichaelBrendan Carmichael12 kun oldin
  • The phrase is “Beat them to the punch.”! Funny show. Always good to see a Louisiana boy doing good!

    Julian NunyabizJulian Nunyabiz12 kun oldin
  • Grateful we got the queef origin story hey heyyy comedy!

    Nathan GossettNathan Gossett12 kun oldin
  • That intro is amazing. I listened to it 3 times

    DeleriousOdysseyDeleriousOdyssey13 kun oldin
  • Comedy!

    Havi 0Havi 013 kun oldin
  • The interviewer is super boring

    yo mamayo mama13 kun oldin
  • Can I borrow 10K views man?

    Sam BassSam Bass13 kun oldin
  • Looking good Kevin Hart 😉

    Michelle CampioneMichelle Campione13 kun oldin
  • Roof Normand

    Robert PhillipsRobert Phillips13 kun oldin
  • What's a better venue, a roof or a park? Hahahahahahaha! I don't think Markus was expecting those options.

    lynno1974lynno197413 kun oldin
  • A Quiver of Quick Queef Quips

    Christine ChinChristine Chin13 kun oldin
  • So psyched for tonight's show at the Cellar! ETA: FYI Streaming tonight on the Mint Comedy app at 8 PM EST!

    Karen WestonKaren Weston13 kun oldin
  • Adam's voice sounds like Seth MacFarlane

    Taylor IversonTaylor Iverson13 kun oldin
    • Not at all. Your ears suck. Sounds more like Kevin Nealon than Seth.

      J. B.J. B.7 kun oldin
  • In my HS, we called a girl "The Toe" bc of an infected toe; and she wore flip flops.

    Ty ZoSoTy ZoSo13 kun oldin
    • @Andrew Todd You're welcome, fatty!

      Ty ZoSoTy ZoSo11 kun oldin
    • This made me lol, thanks for sharing. Kids are such cunts!

      Andrew ToddAndrew Todd13 kun oldin
  • Evergreen like Hillary?

    Brayman85Brayman8513 kun oldin
  • ~ _Connery at the gates of heaven_ "I open-hand punched your mother last night Trebek!"

    Erik GeeErik Gee13 kun oldin
  • Mark come do a vegas show in my backyard!

    Cameron SosaCameron Sosa13 kun oldin
  • The news isnt going back to normal. It has nothing to do with Trump. They are going to lie and push their fake agendas no matter what. Trump was just the only thing in their way before, and now nobody is going to hold them back. Its actually going to get worse, and more people are going to get sucked in.

    Q U A T T R OQ U A T T R O13 kun oldin
  • You are the man Mark! Every podcast/interview is just classic Normand. Comedy!

    HIGHTSHIGHTS13 kun oldin
    • YUKS!

      crystalee80crystalee8010 kun oldin
    • COMEDY!

      Damian RankoDamian Ranko13 kun oldin
  • My favorite comedian is Tip Your Milkman

    Evan MoyerEvan Moyer13 kun oldin
  • What happened to the co host Brad?

    spridlespridle13 kun oldin
    • he's there, just cant reach the mic and camera

      Ben WilsonBen Wilson13 kun oldin
  • In school I had 6 shirts of my brother in-laws business and I would wear those regularly and people would say why do you wear the same shirt. After about the thirtieth time I replied, "give me some cash and I will buy a new shirt if it bothers you so much.". Or maybe I smelled and I'm not taking the hint. W/e I hated

    MrCherryzzMrCherryzz13 kun oldin
  • I can totally relate to the feelings of wasted time, but the amount your career has grown this year despite everything going down, is something to really be proud of!

    Mike DonaldsonMike Donaldson13 kun oldin
  • Don't make faces Mark, we hold you in high regard, own it. Also don't become that douche full of hot air. You're doing great, keep grinding!

    la patria o la tumbala patria o la tumba13 kun oldin
    • 16:20

      la patria o la tumbala patria o la tumba7 kun oldin
    • What do you mean by “don’t make faces?”

      Frederick0220Frederick02207 kun oldin
  • comedians constantly talking about how they do comedy is the beginning of the end for comedy

    John WilliamsJohn Williams14 kun oldin
    • I reckon they always had to defend it. Look up John Cleese explaining the Life of Brian to a Catholic leader in the 70s. Same phony outrage, just the angle that has changed

      Chris WareChris Ware12 kun oldin
    • @Experiance Accelerated I guess it is a matter of talking about their day to day. I don’t think they realize that it’s boring. A little inside scoop is fine once in a while, but these fatties talk nonstop sometimes about comedy clubs and it is boring and redundant. If you don’t have much to talk about, then wait to do a podcast. Doing every podcast and not saying anything new is definitely how many will lose interest in their comedy. I am not trying to be a negative aids patient. I like Marks standup.

      John WilliamsJohn Williams13 kun oldin
    • YO! What the fuck is going on, they all talk about it non-stop. Christina P. on Whiskey Ginger made my ears bleed.

      Experiance AcceleratedExperiance Accelerated13 kun oldin
  • That eyebrow remark (Normand) really flustered the dude

    Lewis MarshallLewis Marshall14 kun oldin
  • Thank You! I’m Kevin Hart! Tip your waitress! Praise Allah! Get Home Safe! I’m Gay!

    will soberawill sobera14 kun oldin
  • Here

    T. L.T. L.14 kun oldin
  • adam ray is fucking hilarious. check out his episodes on rick glassman's podcast. comedy!!!

    kb47kb4714 kun oldin
  • Adam needs to adjust that blue mic lol

    MikeyMikey14 kun oldin
  • Last time I was this early, Mark's scooter still had a cover attached.

    Martian AmbassadorMartian Ambassador14 kun oldin
    • which one?

      J. B.J. B.7 kun oldin
    • Well played, queefer Sutherland!

      Grant StonexGrant Stonex10 kun oldin
    • its a 'Hog' ,. not. a damned 'Scooter'

      Larry EinsteinLarry Einstein13 kun oldin
    • Now that's a good one! :D

      Käptn HaddockKäptn Haddock14 kun oldin