Mark Normand and Chris Alan racial chit chat

11-Iyn, 2020
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Mark and Chris Alan chop it up about race and everything going on today. It’s a heavy one folks! Chris Alan is a killer comic outta the DC area and often referred to as fat Chris Al on Tuesdays pod. Comedy!!
*Fixed audio!!

  • Oh my god ... just when I realized how bad the audio was, it starts getting even worse 😆

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  • Thanks Mark, Chris.

    enthuesdenthuesd4 oy oldin
  • SO much material from the audio "drops" beautiful!

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  • List has Pihkal btw, not a cure but is more letters for AL and a foot covered in J on the B, TGs!

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  • Much needed discourse gentlemen! Look at Mark holding composure over one of the most intense, divisive topics! SO much appreciation for Chris AL, tell AL, Madrigal, it's magical, Tihkal, One Love! EW&F As One, J&B on the Train! Looking forward to Soul Joel at C@C ROC...won't find me in SYR flipping flapjacks Richie!

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  • Kevin Hart and 39 Cents!

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  • I love you for doing these videos and just being genuine despite your growing platform during these Cancel-happy times. I am not white and very much open to getting on board with causes and hearing people out, and I have been throughout all this situation. But honestly most of what Chris expressed as well as what I have seen all over social media is basically personal grievances that become “proof of racism” because they are fixated on race. People being authoritarian, idiots, incongruent, hypocrites, inconsiderate, etc is just that. But if it happens to be done by someone of a certain skin color then the complain has to come with all this tiresome rhetoric. White privilege is not a thing in the USA. I am a minority and have lived here for 20 years. Naturalized. Have lived in the South and Westcoast. If there has been any racism directed my way, it went over my head. I have however, witnessed constant picking and tearing apart of african americans by other African Americans over EVERYTHING. Their looks, their status, who they hang out with, and CERTAINLY about their political views. Racist people exist all over the world, but racism in the West had been dying out. This whole thing just reignited it. People like chapelle open past wounds to fuel a civil war by saying stuff like “slavery wasn’t that long ago”- exactly. And yet you now some of the wealthiest and most recognized people in the US are african american. The past is the past BUT A LOT OF PROGRESS HAS BEEN MADE. Dr Dre is a billionaire for fucks sake. The men who stabbed a female college student to death, (black on white crime) just got a year and a half though initially they had gotten only 14 months. The system is not perfect. I get it. There’s room for improvement. No doubt. But we have enough data no to know every time the point of focus is race, it ends in nothing. BLM started while obama was president. Come on. We had just gone through seeing the quickness with which cops can turn against us due to the “pandemic”. White people arrested just for going to the park. It would have been so easy to get everyone on board regarding diminishing police involvement in our lives and demanding more accountability. But noooo, everyone had to start yelling Karen and Privilege, and now see where we’re at. More divided than in the prior 3 decades if not more. Time to be smart about things and not emotional.

    mightytaigermightytaiger5 oy oldin
  • Quit talking an get out an vote. Maybe a black person can care as much of his ride as he do his president. We all know Hilary was a woman. Hey that simple

    JonathanJonathan5 oy oldin
  • Umm there's no such thing as white privilege. Every has inner guilt sometimes and everyone runs into dumb people.

    In KoreaIn Korea5 oy oldin
  • Shoulda used gallery mode.

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  • Great talk. We do project our beliefs onto people and they will often respond to it. There is some bias.

    Mikael ÅmarkMikael Åmark5 oy oldin
  • There can't be any actually honest conversations about race considering the cost for white people who say the socially taboo thing. Don't pretend that there can be.

    BigFan10BigFan105 oy oldin
  • Excellent conversation. Thanks for sharing. What are Chris Alan's social media handles?

    Michael CookMichael Cook5 oy oldin
  • You'd think Kevin Hart could afford better wifi.

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  • That story at about the 48:00 mark. The dude redpilled himself and told the truth. People generally want to stay with their groups and self-segregate anyway. Has happened for thousands of years all over the world. Safe to say that diversity has totally failed in the US. Look how people feel about each other! Great honest conversation.

    Samuel FelixSamuel Felix5 oy oldin
    • True, diversity is not a strength

      BigFan10BigFan105 oy oldin
  • Oh man, 2 hours. I kept fast forwarding and at every stop I just see a black man talking, and a white man saying, “uh huh” , “yep” , “that’s right” . Call it a good conversation if you want, but this appears to be more of a lecture. No thanks.

    Revolution ConRevolution Con5 oy oldin
  • White privilege is a bigot’s term. Everyone has different privileges, but the white privilege is the only one discussed.

    Revolution ConRevolution Con5 oy oldin
    • Oh yeah, there is also male privilege being discussed. White males, damn them! I don’t hear people talking about black privilege, female privilege, tall privilege, short privilege, thin privilege, fat privilege, etc. There are privileges and disadvantages for every individual based off of their characteristics.

      Revolution ConRevolution Con5 oy oldin
    • It is not the only one being discussed. What do you think women's marches are for? Willful blindness is a privilege.

      Dan ZindrenDan Zindren5 oy oldin
  • I agree with Chris that when there have to be winners and losers there are going to be problems. We need to let this ego shit go

    Nick MedinaNick Medina5 oy oldin
  • Legit impossible to get through. Once there were audio problems they honestly should have stopped. Legit no one is putting out content this bad right now. What they're saying is important and the quality is cheapening it.

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    • Sometimes the truth is hard to hear

      Prince TimPrince Tim5 oy oldin
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  • God damn that is so funny when you suddenly can't hear them during this

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  • Why is Mark calling himself a honky when he's a jew? Why do jews do this?

    heavyglassglassheavyglassglass5 oy oldin
    • 🤦‍♂️

      Prince TimPrince Tim5 oy oldin
    • He's not Jewish lol

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  • Great conversation, fellows!

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  • MPWD(married privileged white daddy)Mark is the most patient person ever to not leave this podcast audio terrorism is maybe enjoyable to him and I respect you for giving us what you had regardless how bad the audio. Important to here we all need to just talk more and if you don’t want to have conversations you can still listen to Chris Alan hit us with the (BCF)Black Community Forecast. Hey I wish I would see anyone knee to a throat I would judge you in the streets! #fuckbullies

    OneThumb22 JRushtonOneThumb22 JRushton5 oy oldin
  • Both sides are biased, they each generalize instead of individualizing responsabilities. The cure is to see yourself as all, as for me I am black white and indegenous and they're will be more people like me in the future. This idea of we did this and they treat us like that and my ancestors whatever. Thats so mentally limiting and deviding. These politicians want racism to continue as a main issue because its a tool in their arsenal to sway the weak minded into ignoring the pressing issues. I don't vote but there is more merrit into voting for trump for the singular issue of reducing unemployment, while gradually dealing with all the other issues.

    Ricardo FigueraRicardo Figuera5 oy oldin
  • This should be called boohoo😭

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  • Is Chris from Pittsburgh?. My first clue is the hat, but I think I may have seen him at an open stage in the burgh back in the day.

    Michael LübbertMichael Lübbert5 oy oldin
  • Latest Rogan PC w/ Bill Burr. Floyd/pos white cop had prior beef. The white cop knew George Floyd, they did some security shit together and Floyd complained about how abusive to ppl he was. So he wanted to kill him (behind the badge) 1st degree murder. Fucking crazy.

    Mat GuerraMat Guerra5 oy oldin
  • Blaming the black guy as soon as the first problem happens... these whites!

    Mat GuerraMat Guerra5 oy oldin
  • mark you should do that thing where you interview random people on Central Park once this lockdown is over.

    niteshnitesh5 oy oldin
  • Beautiful conversation, for one, but more importantly I really just appreciate the attempt at trying to understand what makes initiating this kind of conversation so difficult for many in the first place! So often we rush to discuss what the issue is, when the hardest part is getting people to the table to have that discussion in the first place. Speaking from my own experience, as a white person, I have honestly rarely found myself in situations where I feel uncomfortable talking about race. I've had hundreds, probably thousands, of discussions about race, about racism, about all of it, with black people in my lifetime (I'm 32 years old), and only on a handful of occasions have felt dismissed or set upon. I was speaking once with someone I consider a friend who is in Mississippi, and late one night he began to tell me stories of growing up in Jackson, Mississippi. He said that the racism was so bad, he couldn't even look a white person in the eyes. To brush up against a white store clerk's hand even accidentally would have been a problem, and this was an inherent part of how he had to prepare for the world from a very young age. Mind you, this was an incredibly soft-spoken individual. How (or why) he ever felt comfortable discussing this with me, I have no idea. In groups of three or more, he wouldn't say a word to anybody. I was always moved by what he had to say, though, because I knew that this was a person who has lived a very difficult existence. I also had a friend who was a security officer in Baton Rouge, who was one of the funniest and most brilliant people I've ever known. His approach to race was totally different, as he would basically have you in his line of sight and force you to expose your feelings by virtue of how ruthlessly he'd bring it out. It was always through humor, but I know that deep down he was digging. It was like he had to tempt you into moments in which there was no way for you to not be mad enough to say something racist, and if you passed then you were good -- he was cool with you from there on out. Over the course of the last ten years, I've met so many wonderful black people -- which in writing sounds so corny -- but I will value those conversations forever. They weren't always easy, for sure, but the tough ones were certainly the most important. In the weeks following the murder of Trayvon Martin, back in 2012, so many things were discussed. Many people were exposed, even within my own circle of friends. Because the details were so different depending on where you received your news, you saw a number of people taking positions that to me made zero sense. This showed just how much of it was a projection of feelings we already had deep down about race. What I've learned in the years since, though, is very simple; If you're sincere in addressing racism, especially with the people in your own life, then listening to a black person's perspective is no issue at all. But if you're not then you will have a problem. This is not something you can win on by simply appeasing the people that you feel need to be appeased. Nobody gets a pass and nobody gets to say that they are free from the criticism. We all have a role to play and we all are responsible for the outcome. I never made friends with black people by pretending to be down when I wasn't, nor did I need to invent some identity to escape my own feelings of guilt or responsibility. I own my part and have done my best to affect change in my corner of the world, first and foremost, and above all I love and appreciate so many of the black people that I've connected with in my lifetime. I'm also not afraid of saying the wrong thing, because it can only lead to being pointed in the right direction. I'm also not afraid to differentiate between those that are black and real and those that are black and completely full of sh*t, just like white people can be, and to call them out when they make progress difficult. While we hold the bulk of responsibility, we all have to find a way to come together. "Truth & Reconciliation" is the answer; Acknowledging the history, all of it, and then creating a path forward. The vast majority of black people ask very little from us and we have a responsibility to oblige. This whole idea that they're just waiting to pounce over every slip of the tongue is just bullsh*t and we're fools if we allow that thought to govern how we interact with each other. As white people, we've gotten very good at crafting excuses to not deal with this issue. We need to stop doing that, and that starts with blaming others for why we can never discuss race. Being uncomfortable might be a necessary part of the solution, but that's a small sacrifice for a society that isn't this tense and divided. So long as we grow the f*ck up and take our lumps, there's really nothing standing in the way between now and progress. I know this is a very long comment, but these are just my two cents. Change is very possible and this conversation is too important to abandon just because we (white people) are afraid of being told we're not perfect and that we may actually have some soul searching to do. And if in the end we find that we made this great change only for some black people to still complain, then let those people be the a$$holes... But don't blame the majority for the few, and don't make excuses for changes you're more than capable of making. Above all, don't be a coward! Play your part!

    Ricky CoutureRicky Couture5 oy oldin
  • Man I can feel the frustration from Chris. Its great to hear someone not only make great points but also vent a little bit.

    Connor ThompsonConnor Thompson5 oy oldin
  • Mark tell us about your painting!

    John Ryan FilmsJohn Ryan Films5 oy oldin
  • Got to see Chris Alan in Nashville when he opened for Mark and they both were fantastic! saw them two nights in a row

    Tyler GrimesTyler Grimes5 oy oldin
  • So Chris is saying urban communities need to take advantage of education and have adults in the community work harder educating youth? JK, he didn’t have any actionable thoughts or ideas.

    DeShawn BrownDeShawn Brown5 oy oldin
  • Great conversation. Sorry about all the tech issues. Record a part 2.

    The South Philly PaulcastThe South Philly Paulcast5 oy oldin
  • I was rummaging through some old boxes of my great great grandfather and I found a collection of wax cylinder recordings from 1905 and I played them for my deaf friend and even he thinks the audio quality on those recordings was better than on this podcast. What the fuck guys! Great content though, so thanks for putting it up even though it’s sounds like ass.

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  • This was great. Thanks for sharing!

    Scotty WilsonScotty Wilson5 oy oldin
  • Don’t know who that other black guy is but I’m a huge Kevin Hart fan

    Tim JacuzziTim Jacuzzi5 oy oldin
  • Some intelligent conversation at last.

    Andrew RossAndrew Ross5 oy oldin
  • Chris Alan is the shit 🤘

    Micah GilliamMicah Gilliam5 oy oldin
  • Chris's passion and voice reminds me of Goggins

    Jack HermesJack Hermes5 oy oldin
  • This may not be the best time for this but I was born in 2002 in Pittsburgh and Mark, I think you may be my dad.

    S BrownS Brown5 oy oldin
  • YEAH RIGHT your projecting your fears and looking to satisfy your confirmation bias. BLM is a segregation mindset. It tells you you are different instead of the same. 30 mins in, I cant go further Mark. The person who TELLS YOU you are oppressed, TELLS you your limits! "My brotha the WHITE man will hold you down and give you a hard time just cause you're BLACK" WHITE this , BLACK that. Fear mongering racial tensions. Literally teaching FEAR to your peers. You people are insane, segregating yourSELF! My fav. parts are when his mic cuts out.

    Vannic WolfVannic Wolf5 oy oldin
  • The loud music on the bus thing... it's not because we haven't addressed racial issues because that's been a topic of debate for centuries. It's because if he tells the black guy to turn the music down he could get jumped. Black people are more aggressive. If that's not a factor in all this then there's no conversation to be had. Hate me if you want but prove me wrong.

    AmbiguousArtistAmbiguousArtist5 oy oldin
  • Buy a mic fatty! Love the content ur putting out

    Camel HandCamel Hand5 oy oldin
  • "It doesn't matter if they like you not you're there to do a job. But they wont tell a white person that" What? That has been my mantra my entire working life! If I had dollar I was told that I'd retire.

    Patrick O'DonnellPatrick O'Donnell5 oy oldin
    • Lol true

      BigFan10BigFan105 oy oldin
  • Really like this Vid. I was pissed "as a white man" about what was going on in the country until I watched this. Really put shit in perspective. Thank you @Chrisalancomedy and @marknorman

    Frank PriceFrank Price5 oy oldin
  • You carry a gun on your own street just in case a white landscaper asks for your "papers?"

    Patrick O'DonnellPatrick O'Donnell5 oy oldin
    • @Prince Tim that is the most absurd thing I've ever heard.

      Patrick O'DonnellPatrick O'Donnell5 oy oldin
    • It be like that sometimes

      Prince TimPrince Tim5 oy oldin
  • Al Sharpton doesn't want racism to go away. Neither does David Duke or Joe Biden or Ilhan Omar or AOC or George Soros or BLM...

    SJ LSJ L5 oy oldin
  • Shouts out Chris Alan from a former AF vet thanks for your service

    Derek O'NealDerek O'Neal5 oy oldin
  • rock a suicidal tendencies hat if you're wearing it like that haha you can't bring me down

    Ageless DecayAgeless Decay5 oy oldin
  • Mark, your heart is in the right place and I commend you for hosting these conversations. We all need to learn more and work harder at ending racism. Keep it up!

    LightsLights5 oy oldin
  • privilege, like most things, isn't absolute, but no one is ready to have that conversation.

    Love StarLove Star5 oy oldin
  • "It was FOUR DOLLARS!"

    Daly The ThirdDaly The Third5 oy oldin
  • tell Chris alan to get a better handsfree where the mic isnt blown out. the audio issues make this impossible to listen to.

    xorthonxorthon5 oy oldin
  • theoretically, this conversation seems like what's happening in REAL life between whites and blacks, with the 'technical difficulties' being racism,

    the mental landscapethe mental landscape5 oy oldin
  • If all boycows agreed to jail cheneys and rices instead of wasting time.

    Hos NgHos Ng5 oy oldin
  • Mark is wearing his race relations hat.

    ZeBatataZeBatata5 oy oldin
  • It's so refreshing to see this. This is what people should be doing, having conversations with people to get to the bottom of things they don't understand completely. Knowledge will make us come together. Anyways I don't know, I'm gay, praise Allah

    Rein DantumaRein Dantuma5 oy oldin
    • Lol

      Unconventional GuitaristUnconventional Guitarist5 oy oldin
  • Mark, you should go on a service like fiver or something to hire someone to simply balance the audio of your interviews. Shouldn't cost much

    ClanBBQ4lifeClanBBQ4life5 oy oldin
  • Praise Allah

    Jack EJack E5 oy oldin
  • Apparently it wasn't sent for an edit. Great conversation though.

    CB ComedyCB Comedy5 oy oldin
  • Chris Alan and Kevin Hart? See this is the problem, two black guys talking about race. How bout inviting a white person for diversity in this discussion.

    Rooks Double Oh SevenRooks Double Oh Seven5 oy oldin
  • This was great but how did you not edit this mark lol

    Nicholas GennusoNicholas Gennuso5 oy oldin
  • I appreciate the attempt at having a dialogue, but this was a really one sided conversation. It should be labeled "Chris Alan vents". He was right about some things, and others he really needed to be challenged on. His facts were all over the place. I guess he's just blowing off steam. Not the best spokesman for a path forward. And Mark Normand's contributions to the conversation were pretty useless. PS Terrible audio.

    Jorge OrwellJorge Orwell5 oy oldin
  • Chris Alan I haven't heard your comedy but I will now, great conversation! Respect to both of you, queefing out some existential zingers!

    Step BarStep Bar5 oy oldin
  • Every time the audio cuts and you just play it off lol

    HIGHTSHIGHTS5 oy oldin
  • If black people are attacked so much because of the color of their skin, then why did Jussie Smollet have to hire 2 Nigerian dudes to beat him up?

    ꧁༺SORRY༻꧂꧁༺SORRY༻꧂5 oy oldin
  • This black dude is a racist and Mark Normand is a race traitor. Bow down Mark and kiss the people's feet that hate you, make sure you exclaim your allegiance to BLM when they are kicking in your door in the name of equality.

    ꧁༺SORRY༻꧂꧁༺SORRY༻꧂5 oy oldin
  • What do pink floyd and Dale Earnhardt have in common? Their greatest hits were the wall.

    TheLast DragonTheLast Dragon5 oy oldin
  • Have you ever heard of divide and Rule? It's a basic technique to keep people of lower economic status at each others throats.

    Savage SnayleSavage Snayle5 oy oldin
    • Diversity isnt a strength

      BigFan10BigFan105 oy oldin
  • audio is way better QUEEF!

    69UncleFrank69UncleFrank5 oy oldin
  • i love you mark thanks for posting this great conversation it’s so important we keep talking honestly about this

    69UncleFrank69UncleFrank5 oy oldin
  • I think we don't understand each other's cultures and in those short interaction moments we have with each other it is hard to be aware of all the stereotypes that may be influencing you based on how the other person said something. He is right being in the minority puts you at a disadvantage. Try being in a different people's neighborhood in the city. It isn't fair that the white collar workforce happens to be a white hood. Maybe I get it now

    Michael JamesMichael James5 oy oldin
  • What do black people ultimately want from this movement? There's tons of ideas out there from tons of different people, but I feel that there is no central message. As an African immigrant I'm trying to figure this out.

    FK PFK P5 oy oldin
    • @Ricky Couture More importantly, DON'T vote for the lesser of two evils just because one is less bad, that's how we get nothing ever changing.

      TheRCishTheRCish5 oy oldin
    • @Viktor Kukuruzović Raz Simone is no warlord. Just a black man with a msg he been rapping about for yrs. He has a song from yrs ago called same problems talking about this shit right here.

      Andy GironeAndy Girone5 oy oldin
    • Yep! I hope this doesn’t fizzle out like the Occupy movement did.

      Mbon MMbon M5 oy oldin
    • This answer is probably very different for every single person, but I don't think the problem is all that difficult to understand; Right now in this country we have a justice system unbound by constitutional law. Those that enforce the law are virtually free from enforcement, which when coupled with systemic issues that have plagued this country for centuries creates a great amount of horror in society. How do we solve this issue? Pretty clear to me! We create a separate wing of the judicial branch which exclusively deals in police misconduct. Drastic overhauls to the oversight of individual departments will force them to improve conduct by simple virtue of finally being afraid of prosecution. As for the long term solutions to the broader systemic issues: Vote. Freaking vote! Unless we vote, especially on the local level, nothing will change. While I respect a person's right to protest, studies show that they are largely ineffective. While they may increase awareness, they also do sow division and give those who participate a sense of change that in actuality is not occurring. In order for us to actually manifest change, again, we need to VOTE! That is all that matters. If you want progress, elect progressives. It's that simple. I understand that this isn't the exciting answer, because there's no great personal glory in filling out a ballot quietly and unremarkably in whichever corner of the country you reside, but there is ultimately nothing more powerful or effective than voting. We just have to do it!

      Ricky CoutureRicky Couture5 oy oldin
    • The fact that I can’t answer you as a black man fucks me up.

      DlDl5 oy oldin
  • Finally people talking the truth

    Michael JamesMichael James5 oy oldin
  • Nice! Thanks dudes!

    Tim MeltonTim Melton5 oy oldin
  • Great podcast, very eyeopening! Even if the audio is rough I urge people to listen all the way through. Good points made all the way.

    ANTiGFXANTiGFX5 oy oldin
  • This podcast was like the Wayne's world conversation when garth got pissed off and a plane passed by while he was arguing up a storm !! 🤣

    Leonel IssacLeonel Issac5 oy oldin
    • Bro, ty for this

      Unconventional GuitaristUnconventional Guitarist5 oy oldin
  • Hey thanks for this, guys

    Christopher GoodeChristopher Goode5 oy oldin
  • This quarantine content has been so great -- thanks Mark, Chris

    Michael HarmanMichael Harman5 oy oldin
  • That's some powerful, grey area, grey matter knowledge. Empathy and acknowledgment, that's easy.

    D AD A5 oy oldin
  • Chris Alan makes more sense than 100% percent of my sjw white friends on IG. Thanks for this Chris and Mark!

    SeanSean5 oy oldin
  • Mark can I produce your pod please ya filthy animal

    • Also excellent chat.

      WITCH_KINGWITCH_KING5 oy oldin
  • "I've only been robbed by black people" is often said but until it can't also be said as "I've only been robbed by poor people" it's borderline racism to fix on the black part.

    Alex Ecce VoceAlex Ecce Voce5 oy oldin
  • My name is also chris Alan!

    Christian CookChristian Cook5 oy oldin
  • Mark do us all a favor and invest in a 4G+ LTE unlimited data plan and a good 4G modem with antennas

    Greg CawthorneGreg Cawthorne5 oy oldin
  • Don't invest in all the gear, ask someone you know with a studio to use it on down time.

    Constructive CunteryConstructive Cuntery5 oy oldin
  • This was great. Just sorry for the shitty connection, but great content.

    JoãoJoão5 oy oldin
  • Zoom sucks

    Christian HaftChristian Haft5 oy oldin
  • Thank you Mark Normand and Chris Alan for sharing this open, authentic conversation. ♥️

    Karen SchooleyKaren Schooley5 oy oldin
  • Great convo shame about the audio issues. Always thought fat black would be fatter....

    The YouTube AlgorithmThe YouTube Algorithm5 oy oldin
  • Good job bro!! Real talk

    Rafa VrestoRafa Vresto5 oy oldin
  • Those white military supervisors probably feared being reported for singling out a black airman.. ive seen it happen.. there is an incentive to claim racial profiling when being treated equal.. that widens the divide to? I try to treat people equal was in the usaf.. but it will happen that some people won't be corrected because they come in with an attitude that if they are being reprimanded it is always becauseof race When I wan corrected many times and never thought to think it was my skjn...

    Insight Of the agesInsight Of the ages5 oy oldin
  • That black neighborhood internet speed really is the worst

    FromHere OnFromHere On5 oy oldin
  • Mark can you start numbering these? please

    Richard SRichard S5 oy oldin
  • Chris Alan is spitting gold

    Wise GuyWise Guy5 oy oldin
  • Normand you numbskull, you're one of the best comics in the world, get a tech guy assistant so your sound and video are on point. We want to hear ALL your stuff. Let us!

    Mer -FMer -F5 oy oldin
  • Great stuff FATTY!! I've always wondered about "fat Chris Al" when you mentioned him on the pod!! Lovely owld chat with the man here! Thanks, BRING HIM TO DUBLIN next time!!!

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