Mark Normand's Therapy Session - Opie Show

28-Sen, 2020
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Mark explains how he feels guilt when buying things cause he believes he doesn't deserve them. I just want a smoothie!!!! Queef.

  • I relate. I got a smoothie just yesterday and im dealing with the regrets rn. Wow dude. I need help.

    Ty McGeeTy McGee10 kun oldin
  • OPIE STILL HAS A SHOW? Who knew?

    The Brockwell Broadcast NetworkThe Brockwell Broadcast Network12 kun oldin
  • Wait, you're left handed? GROSS

    mbolducmbolduc17 kun oldin
  • This explains why he had a hard time after buying his vintage car. “Where’s the joy?”

    Bob LoblawBob Loblaw20 kun oldin
  • This is how good Mark Normand is, ill click on an opie radio clip for him.

    john doejohn doe20 kun oldin
  • Thrift stores solve the guilt problem, wearing other peoples garbage means youre warm but didnt pay much for it, and let a kid in Malaysia go home from work early

    john doejohn doe22 kun oldin
  • a coat is very bourgeois - just stuff newspaper down your shirt like a normal person.

    john doejohn doe24 kun oldin
  • I am the same way. This is too weird! I will buy the very best for my family & pets...but when it comes to ME....I always talk myself out of it. I have spent over a $1000 on bees since May (covid) and over $2k on chickens. Lol! EVERY coat I have....was given to me. Omg. I steal too. Only if I think it is overly priced. I will buy new shoes...if I really need them. I have 3 pairs of I'm not THAT messed up.

    Doh Joe GringoDoh Joe GringoOy oldin
  • Amy Schumer does comedy?

    Dr Mantis TobogganDr Mantis TobogganOy oldin
  • Suggestion for Mark, his new internal dialogue should be "who the hell are you, to deny yourself a smoothie."

    John SbarbaroJohn SbarbaroOy oldin
  • I love how both Mark and gis brother have made it in life despite their fucked up upbringing. Somebody give him a hug and a smoothie.

    FolstrimHoriFolstrimHoriOy oldin
  • This speaks to me so much so so much

    Steven VanceSteven VanceOy oldin
  • OCD

    ValentinValentinOy oldin
  • I’m gonna surprise this guy with a nice peacoat

    A KA KOy oldin
  • Makes sense he is friends with Joe List now, watched their sets consecutively and they literally covered almost all the same topics. List has better delivery though!! Love you still Mark.

    Don ShewmakeDon ShewmakeOy oldin
  • Lmao I hate that I relate to this part of Mark

    BarfyMan 362BarfyMan 362Oy oldin
  • Bro, you deserve everything from what you've accomplished! You're the realest comedian out there! Thanks for telling us this.

    Nerf CheNerf CheOy oldin
  • Sir, I'll buy you a smoothie. You fucking deserve it. You deserve a truck load of smoothies.

    JoãoJoãoOy oldin
  • The guy justifies stealing? What a twat

    Ashraf El-Ga'alyAshraf El-Ga'alyOy oldin
  • Opie should hire a hot girl to get involved with Mark, swindle a bunch of money from him, and then instead of keeping it just go shopping for all of life's basic necessities that any normal human should have. Get him a new coat, a couple pairs of jeans, furniture, decorate the apartment, and have a smoothie and a John's of Bleecker pizza waiting for him on the table when he comes home. Also Opie, I just read about a kid who ate literally nothing but breakfast sausages for 15 years and would cry if anyone try to get him to eat anything else and they found a psychotherapist who was able to re-program how he looked at food and new things in literally like a day. Would make a great radio bit to un-fuck Mark's brain for him if you can find that guy.

    MurrayHill17MurrayHill17Oy oldin
  • Comedians seem like a lot of work

    Netherlands BoyNetherlands BoyOy oldin
  • Opie sucks.

    Robert SmithRobert SmithOy oldin
  • I had one parent like Mark's and a Mom kinda like Opie's. Basically any problem I have in life I just ignore it or if it's emotional bottle it up, cause I didn't ever learn to ask for help.

    inordirectioninordirectionOy oldin
  • get back on the chip show instead of hanging around this hack

    Inojin67Inojin67Oy oldin
  • It get how people think stealing from a large corporation is a victimless crime but I've known store managers for some of these large corporations who have been fired because of too much customer theft. No matter what it's always the little guy who gets screwed.

    Casual WaterCasual WaterOy oldin
  • I wish I was like this. I can't stop spending money even when I don't have any..

    Brad SullyBrad SullyOy oldin
  • I’m glad you bought that old car!

    Simon van RooyenSimon van RooyenOy oldin
  • He doesn't need therapy. This is from being raised frugally and respecting how hard a dollar is to come by.

    ran doshusran doshusOy oldin
  • Dude I resonate hard with this. I really struggle spending money on anythinggggg and I feel guilty about it to. First time I’ve heard anyone talk about this

    Derek OwensDerek OwensOy oldin
  • “Mattress on the floor like an assassin” joke is so good. Comedy!

    J. FrenchJ. FrenchOy oldin
  • This guy literally never disappoints.

    Mitchell LMitchell LOy oldin
  • Thrift stores solve the guilt problem, wearing other peoples garbage means youre warm but didnt pay much for it, and let a kid in Malaysia go home from work early

    LliameseLliameseOy oldin
  • Mark needs a genuine hug. Dude, you bust your butt to make people laugh so enjoy the money you received. And date women who pick up the tab. Love ya Mark.

    NicholeNicholeOy oldin
  • A gift to a friend. You will always feel good if you always cover your body with clothes. Keep your body temperature constant and you will see the world is after all very reachable. Keep yourself warm at all times💋(that's an order)

    i am alive, or else you would have died too!i am alive, or else you would have died too!Oy oldin
  • Advice to the sitting Men right there, when parents Try to approach you again and you feel it like "here we go..." just say back to them "Keep it to yourself"

    i am alive, or else you would have died too!i am alive, or else you would have died too!Oy oldin
  • I have the same problem brother like exactly

    Schppoople69 TheClownSchppoople69 TheClownOy oldin
  • Strangest thing to relate to with Mark: Even my dad spent all his money building a huge house but had nothing to maintain it or his business.

    Ravin GRavin GOy oldin
    • It's pretty common. Especially with cars. Some people feel the need to portray a certain image for social status. Hell people treat me differently just based on how I'm dressed in the moment.

      willwillOy oldin
  • Somehow ask my man Mark if he only fucks 2’s because he feels he doesn’t deserve 9’s

    bull ishbull ishOy oldin
  • This is how good Mark Normand is, ill click on an opie radio clip for him.

    brice catebrice cateOy oldin

      Johnny NatriumJohnny Natrium27 kun oldin
  • I've always thought Mark is fucking hilarious, but now I absolutely love the deranged hooligan 💛

    Sly WolfeSly WolfeOy oldin
  • Insightful talk, Mark. Thanks for uploading.

    BartolololBartolololOy oldin
  • Mark you are just a stoic

    something differentsomething differentOy oldin
  • Uh.. she steals jokes. Thats where the hate comes from. Its never been okay to steal content from fellow comedians. Ever. lol..

    Sun TzuSun TzuOy oldin
    • And she's broadly unfunny as a standup. Vagina jokes and yes gurrl content.

      Nielen EmhofNielen EmhofOy oldin
  • I don't get how you can let people pity-give you things, and think it's ok when your selfishness literally compelled them to take time out of their life on this earth to pander to you. The mind (and parents) are fuck up strange things. Still love you tho Mark~

    DaveDaveOy oldin
  • Is THIS Pre-Op or Post-Op..........She looks the Same.

    The Lady StretcherThe Lady StretcherOy oldin
  • Opie made millions and millions of dollars.. if he's stealing anything, he's waaay dumber than I thought he was.. and that's almost impossible.

    GRude420GRude420Oy oldin
    • eh, not if its just a small thing like a candybar or something under 5 bucks from a multi billion dollar corporation who underpays their employees. It's more of a little "fuck you" kinda thing.

      willwillOy oldin
  • This made me feel better

    keg on pegskeg on pegsOy oldin
  • I can't believe I'm not the only one who feels like Mark. I slept on an air matress that would deflate thorugh the night for 2 years. I went to McDonalds once a year, and only on pay day. I could afford new bed sheets, but I still sleep on the ones I pissed on a hundred times because I was drunk. It's deep, deep guilt and shame. No matter how much money you make you can never beat it.

    Tylor MyersTylor MyersOy oldin
    • That's not a good attitude. Its just programming. It can be changed. Have to change it through the subconscious

      polskakingredwhitepill zakpolskakingredwhitepill zakOy oldin
  • Mark knows that staying hungry and not getting too comfortable keeps him sharp

    James ViolaJames ViolaOy oldin
  • OMG Mark I'm 34 and been a fan ... I've never heard anything so relatable with the buying angst. Not that I have shit for money now, but coats, burgers, smoothies ... I so understand.

    juicinsjuicinsOy oldin
  • Wow. The more I hear you speaking so openly about your "problems" and difficulties the more I appreciate you. So refreshing to see someone so comfortable with sharing like this. And of course you're funny as hell. Can't get enough. COMEDY!! A huge fan from Israel. And a I'm A Jew!!

    gidonzdgidonzdOy oldin
  • i love this guy i live like that too but without the money

    Daniel danDaniel danOy oldin
  • Gregshells

    egshaneegshaneOy oldin
  • Damn, I thought I had issues

    Cobra CommanderCobra CommanderOy oldin
  • 15 years ago...

    eric de angeliseric de angelisOy oldin
  • “The people robbing us would come in and ask where’s everything at? Ay, welcome to our world” rofl.

    Kevin WorleyKevin WorleyOy oldin
  • The breakthrough is medication, i'd bet 100$ he has undiagnosed OCD.

    eight216eight216Oy oldin
  • Why he dead ass described me ! crazy lmao

    Alexander KeeperAlexander KeeperOy oldin
  • Very interesting. This is like skinny people that eat salad. Constantly working on their goals.

    PinchshotPinchshotOy oldin
  • So basically Normand grew up in The People Under the Stairs house

    Colin ScottColin ScottOy oldin
  • This is so interesting, I have known about mark for years and had no idea this is how he lives

    bubba82515bubba82515Oy oldin
  • He's time traveling from the 40's.

    Lisa SLisa SOy oldin
  • Same, Mark.

    riseupandresistriseupandresistOy oldin
  • Mark Normand is such a smoothie.

    Christine ChinChristine ChinOy oldin
  • I agree with Mark not everyone is a Coat guy. Watch the Vikings the royal family had the big coats while the peasants froze wearing the rags.

    Owen JanssenOwen JanssenOy oldin
  • Request a smoothie rider for some of your gigs. Problem solved

    avidadolaresavidadolaresOy oldin
  • That’s one thing about Mark, I’m sure Amy Schumer treats him well which is great but people don’t like her because she’s clearly stolen jokes. That’s why she gets hate

    Charlie SpecterCharlie SpecterOy oldin
  • That was a refreshing dose of honesty.

    MrGreenAKAguci00MrGreenAKAguci00Oy oldin
  • I could watch 4 hours of this.

    Matthew MaguireMatthew MaguireOy oldin
  • Yo Mark if you're reading this, we fans think you deserve that smoothie bro

    Elliot NatanovElliot NatanovOy oldin
  • Holy shit same

    Circle The BagginsCircle The BagginsOy oldin
  • Joke stealers shouldn't ever be let back

    Flip MoreFlip MoreOy oldin
  • I enjoyed the shit out of this video. Thanks for sharing Mark. I think everybody relates to this at some level, so it feels good to hear it externalized by someone else.

    GuxGuxOy oldin
  • You deserve cable sentence fab

    Yahya DarboeYahya DarboeOy oldin
  • When was this video shot? You deserve to buy yourself a 73 BMW 😁

    Justin GagnierJustin GagnierOy oldin
  • Definitely best convo I’ve heard on this channel

    JosephJosephOy oldin
  • Parents pass that to their children. It's your job...not to pass it to your kids.

    SérgioSérgioOy oldin
  • A truly profound conversion - loved this. Thank you for sharing, Mark!

    Matt HoffMatt HoffOy oldin
  • Going to see Marcus live this Saturday in NJ #Tooz🌈

    Labinot BejtullahuLabinot BejtullahuOy oldin
  • Mark “my dad bought a mansion” Normand

    Franc UjkaFranc UjkaOy oldin
  • "Oh yeah, it's been documented"

    efreinshtickefreinshtickOy oldin
  • Love Normand, and it was great how Opie knew this would be gold. This conversation opened my fascination with Mark.

    efreinshtickefreinshtickOy oldin
  • I’ve never connected with a person more than mark normand

    Daniel KelleyDaniel KelleyOy oldin
  • The Christmas thing really hit close to home

    A MA MOy oldin
  • You deserve a smoothie, Mark!

    A MA MOy oldin
  • Any interviews with mark and Anthony cumia

    luke brownluke brownOy oldin
  • Aw I don't think I heard Queef once! that's how you know hes comfortable loool. Mark it hurt when Opie said You'd be making money off your investment apartment! Tuesgay!

    Geno BowGeno BowOy oldin
  • Louis C.K. had a joke about stealing tampons....

    Q U A T T R OQ U A T T R OOy oldin
  • How many smoothies could you buy for the cost of one therapy session? Drop the therapist, buy a smoothie, pocket the difference, and enjoy life.

    PiggynPiggynOy oldin
    • Piggyn - great idea, or get a therapist who include smoothies in every session.

      Christine ChinChristine ChinOy oldin
  • That's so real and humble. He says this couch is too bougie, dude said "That's dumb" but I'm just thinking "Holy shit an actual person"

    AesopAesopOy oldin
  • Oh man, I was wondering what this dudes deal was after hearing some of his hints in his routines. Like no eye contact or anxiety or guilt stuff. This is nuts, thanks for opening up this way Mark youre a champ

    Seymour ButtsSeymour ButtsOy oldin
  • Mark you're the best and I LOVE all this content but please include the original broadcast date in the descriptions.

    BrickTop06BrickTop06Oy oldin
  • The question, then his face response at 10:41 haha

    professormancaptainprofessormancaptainOy oldin
  • Good investment because he owns a place in New York. I guess that worked out differently

    joost kingmajoost kingmaOy oldin
  • Why do I find him soooooooo hot?! fucme

    imnotamaniacimnotamaniacOy oldin
  • Mark, couseling is great but please do some healing too, look up EFT (emotional healing technique), Healing Codes, EMDR etc. good luck!

    alice coffeyalice coffeyOy oldin
  • Mark Normand just discovered a new privilege: Coat Privilege Somebody tell the Wokies.

    Lance KnuthLance KnuthOy oldin
  • What a champ. Best comic on the circuit bar none.

    J TJ TOy oldin
  • I'm going to Baskin-Robbins tomorrow. Of course I did just get a raise.

    Lance KnuthLance KnuthOy oldin
  • He's a great comedian and they're wondering why he has issues?? Lol

    JamesReed MusicJamesReed MusicOy oldin
    • Exactly. I have an Uncle that is raising his kids in a perfect environment full of encouragement and love. I dread having to talk to them when they are adults.

      Evan KEvan KOy oldin
    • 😂😂😂

      David McManusDavid McManusOy oldin