Mark Normand- Introverts unite!!

22-Fev, 2019
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Mark Normand is one of those filthy introverts! Here’s him on Fallon slinging yuks. (For more clips go to his Instagram)
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  • Dyslexics UNTIE

    Steve DenverSteve DenverYil oldin
  • He's the Spokesperson for Introverts. (Not with that suit.)

    LongBoarder AnonymousLongBoarder AnonymousYil oldin
  • The introvert stuff is so on point, practically describing my life lol

    T_Rex DiazT_Rex DiazYil oldin
  • Mark Normand moves like a Chuck E Cheese animatron on stage lmao. He's definitely got to be one of the most underrated comics these days

    All Meter Maids Are Bastards #AMMABAll Meter Maids Are Bastards #AMMABYil oldin
  • "how bored are you that you need to talk to me about me, fuck off...please"

    Dingle BerryDingle BerryYil oldin
  • more videos more videos more videos.

    Sourabh UnnikrishnanSourabh UnnikrishnanYil oldin
  • this guys hilarious! couldn’t relate more!!

    jasmine pearljasmine pearlYil oldin
  • Wait is it actually him running this channel? Because that would be the cutest and most accurate thing for this comedian to do. I'm honestly surprised I haven't heard of him sooner, I'll be looking forward to seeing him blow up because his material is soooooo fleshed out I'm stunned.

    AliAliYil oldin
  • This is me 100%. I'd rather do things alone. Fuck socializing....but hey, if you don't socialize, then by society's standards, you're either a psycho, sociopath, or serial killer! Amazing logic!

    ClassyJohnClassyJohnYil oldin
  • And please come to San Jose!!

    Amber AtkinsAmber AtkinsYil oldin
  • You’re an awesome comic, and thank you for uploading your own videos, your hilarious jokes have just made the past hour working delightful, only a minor sore face from laughing too much. 😹🤣

    Amber AtkinsAmber AtkinsYil oldin
  • lol i don't know how to act with people. lets just read minds

    Mrcs SpvlMrcs SpvlYil oldin
  • Remember to look for help when you’re going through depressive moments. Get around people and let them know.

    Ricardo PRicardo PYil oldin
  • You’re my favorite. COME BACK TO SPOKANE, WA!

    Taint ThinnerTaint ThinnerYil oldin
  • mark, you're the one of the few comics who really has balls in this super PC age. i know this bit didn't have anything controversial, but in general, please keep pushing the boundaries. we need more comics like you

    trynachilltrynachillYil oldin
  • You need a special dude!

    Darren PayneDarren PayneYil oldin
  • Yay Mark!

    Laki2Laki2Yil oldin
  • Living the dream😍

    Kizzy J The Odd SistaKizzy J The Odd SistaYil oldin
  • You guys should have Greg Stone back on the show

    FANKANableFANKANableYil oldin
  • Did you get that 6g back from your girlfriend after all?

    Mark SteensonMark SteensonYil oldin
  • Normando Listener here

    Jared RodriguezJared RodriguezYil oldin
  • Amen , Being in social situations is to much work , rather be home watching Netflix .

    ken306809ken306809Yil oldin
  • We’re with you Mark!!!

    Michael MalcolmMichael MalcolmYil oldin
  • Hhahahah, I love his standups - fellow introvert

    Lil BirdieLil BirdieYil oldin
  • " introvert "

    AllodsJinjerAllodsJinjerYil oldin
  • Your the best fatty.

    Brett PriceBrett PriceYil oldin