Mark chats with Sumit Sourav

18-Noy, 2020
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  • I am surprised Mark can understand these brown kings

    G The EntityG The Entity20 soat oldin
  • Thumbnail looks like a Zoom meeting between LA media startup douchebag and his IT team in Bangalore.

    ZeBatataZeBatataKun oldin
  • ...aside from the "spelling bee" skills, India has a booming industry of sandwich stores and shops. yeah, from the moment you get off the plane, there's a sign on every corner pointing ⬅"this way to New Dehli"➡...

    Glenn WilliamsonGlenn WilliamsonKun oldin
  • Ive got a crush on sumit

    0Akeldama00Akeldama03 kun oldin
  • This is really truly a great podcast. I hope it receives the recognition it deserves.

    Steve EmploymentSteve Employment4 kun oldin
  • This was SO good, and this Canadian might have a little crush on Kanan..... ;)

    lynno1974lynno19744 kun oldin
  • Who thinks he had "I look like I'm about to lose a spelling bee" in his joke bag and who thinks he made it up on the spot? It seems like a joke he would have in his arsenal...but he's so damn good and so fast that this could easily have been an improvised line. Either way, he genuinely cracked up all three guys over there coming out of the gate. (Feel free to tell us Mark.)

    Gene BurnettGene Burnett5 kun oldin
    • @G The Entity I meant that he might have riffed something similar in the past and kept it in the back of his mind. I know I have certain go-to references that I know are funny but in actual use I have to tailor them specifically to the situation at hand. I was curious if this was the first time he ever used this reference or if it was a variation of something he'd figured out or improvised before.

      Gene BurnettGene Burnett3 soat oldin
    • In what world could he have pre-written that?

      G The EntityG The Entity20 soat oldin
    • I'm going with off the cuff.

      Joey BagodonutsJoey Bagodonuts3 kun oldin
  • Have you tried rebooting???

    BrickTop06BrickTop065 kun oldin
  • Kanan and Mark should make a sitcom!

    cris sincris sin5 kun oldin
  • I love that mark does a lot of casts, I get to see new comics each time. You guys are great. Love your show

    vickie1047vickie10475 kun oldin
  • Oh wow 22 advertisements. Instant dislike, and never watching again 🙏🏻✌️

    TKTK5 kun oldin
  • Unbelievable proportions. First open mic with 600 people audience.

    tiesthijsthejstiesthijsthejs6 kun oldin
  • Mark breaking into the Indian market. Smart move.

    tiesthijsthejstiesthijsthejs6 kun oldin
    • Is that really u

      G The EntityG The Entity20 soat oldin
  • Mark is a genuinely nice and interested guy...very refreshing and makes him very lovable.

    slurppypurrslurppypurr6 kun oldin
  • Mark Queefman is my hero

    JonasJonas6 kun oldin
  • How did I end up in Microsoft tech support?

    Sean BSean B7 kun oldin
  • Mark and the Funky Bunch

    Chance WalkerChance Walker7 kun oldin
  • The video is me talking to my ex The ads are my ex saying "Let me stop you right there ..."

    Leonard StilwellLeonard Stilwell7 kun oldin
  • This was so awkward for Americans to watch lol

    spridlespridle7 kun oldin
  • Mark i am selfish because i want to see more of you. So stop killing your liver you fuck!. Great clip by the way.

    elirahmanelirahman7 kun oldin
  • I love the Indian accent

  • Mark. It was like the best skit I have seen. The pot helped its 4th-dimensional shoutout to the Indian comics too

    davidxtcdavidxtc7 kun oldin
  • Is this calculus?

    Navid VakilyNavid Vakily7 kun oldin
  • I thought the whole idea about becoming a comedian, or any type of artist, was not having to do Zoom meetings and work stuff like that...

    Jonas NydahlJonas Nydahl8 kun oldin
  • Damnnnnnn. Mark with Kanan!!

    Rishab JoshiRishab Joshi8 kun oldin
  • If you look at the reflection in Marks glasses ,. he is definitely not wearing pants

    Larry EinsteinLarry Einstein8 kun oldin
  • 👾

    NIles ClarkNIles Clark8 kun oldin
  • This was a damn dogs show ! Kevin hart

    Weirdo_760Weirdo_7608 kun oldin
  • 1:07:13 was so useful for me, thank you Sumit and Mark!!

    David EllerDavid Eller8 kun oldin
  • I knew right away seeing Mark with 3 indians that this would be funny.

    brownstone002brownstone0028 kun oldin
  • Makhani Normand, great as always.

    LOLLOL8 kun oldin
  • Jesus, this was a fantastic interview poddie woddie

    Andrew CharlesAndrew Charles8 kun oldin
  • wow how excellent is this!

    Frasereder236Frasereder2368 kun oldin
  • This is wonderful. Kanan is very insightful and aware of social nuances. Obvi Mark you are a dreamsicle.

    Andrew ForceAndrew Force8 kun oldin
  • Thanks mark for putting this up. I would love to go against you in stand up trivia it would be close

    Alex MarinAlex Marin8 kun oldin
  • Mark does so many podcasts. I dont understand i see people have like 10 subscribers and you do there show. I may start one if I can talk to you 😆. Seriously you should charge for you podcast reach to the no names or atleast be able to post on ur channel.

    PrimmZ06PrimmZ068 kun oldin
  • Mark, you rock!! Comedy

    Pamela ArchuletaPamela Archuleta8 kun oldin
  • I didn’t know Indians could do comedy

    Joshua LoweJoshua Lowe8 kun oldin
  • Man these guys speak really good english, im impressed by how articulate they are.

    sturmgewehr357sturmgewehr3578 kun oldin
  • 19 commercials...why..?

    IngoGarzaIngoGarza8 kun oldin
    • Marks gotta pay for the Beamer

      Bob LoblawBob Loblaw8 kun oldin

    Suprit ParulkarSuprit Parulkar8 kun oldin
  • What in the fuck I wasn't expecting to see Indian comics on your channel Pleasantly surprised

    wrenwren8 kun oldin
  • mark almost looks a little indian but more like middle eastern

    John RiccobonoJohn Riccobono8 kun oldin
  • This is the funniest match up. Marc.....YOU'RE A MAN OF THE PEOPLE

    Maximus Julius PausonMaximus Julius Pauson8 kun oldin
  • This is fuking awesome hahhaa not gunna lie it's hilarious that they are asking questions like they're asking about software engineering.

    Chikato 710Chikato 7108 kun oldin
  • Great conversation!

    Dave LDave L8 kun oldin
  • Aah! Kevin Hart with tech support guys 😀

    Amar ReddyAmar Reddy8 kun oldin
  • Mark ke samne yeh log tatti hain.

    Amar ReddyAmar Reddy8 kun oldin
  • Comedy and profundity! I loved this - thank you for sharing!

    Shoshannah Bryn Jones SquareShoshannah Bryn Jones Square8 kun oldin
  • awesome!!!

    Shivam SaxenaShivam Saxena8 kun oldin
  • India Comedy!

    MoorbiltMoorbilt8 kun oldin
  • Tuesdays with Tandooris

    FoodforThoughtFoodforThought8 kun oldin
  • International Normand

    F. Bev.F. Bev.8 kun oldin
  • As an Indian and mark fan i love this lol

    Rishiraj ShaktawatRishiraj Shaktawat8 kun oldin
  • Bruuuhhh. Can’t believe my eyes!! You put this on your channel OMG love ya Mark

    Yash ShuklaYash Shukla8 kun oldin
  • For the Love of Comedy! 😄 👍

    Christine ChinChristine Chin8 kun oldin
  • Sumit Sourav is dumb AF

    like a BAWSElike a BAWSE8 kun oldin
  • God bless Mark Normand ❤️✌🏼

    Shashank RaoShashank Rao8 kun oldin
  • Mark Normand, you have all my heart

    Praful DeshpandePraful Deshpande8 kun oldin
  • Tuesdays with the call center

    wuggawugga82wuggawugga828 kun oldin
    • funny

      davidxtcdavidxtc7 kun oldin
  • I'm a fan of Mark Normand and I'm an Indian so it's a delight to watch.

    Dharmendra MishraDharmendra Mishra8 kun oldin
  • You should be a frequent on all Indian comedians' channel. This was such a delight.

    Prateek MaheshwariPrateek Maheshwari8 kun oldin
  • They should've let Kanan be the host.

    NachiketNachiket8 kun oldin
    • Right!! He really led the conversation when ever he talked and knew his shit.

      Chikato 710Chikato 7108 kun oldin
  • This is still amazing, watching it third time now

  • wow marks win 95 licese is expired

    MazoureourskyMazoureoursky8 kun oldin
  • mark should talk with dr k lmao

    edbangerrredbangerrr8 kun oldin
  • Screwed in cooch getting the india crowd.

    Harbor DetailHarbor Detail8 kun oldin
  • Wasn't expecting this. Seeing Kanan and Mark is comforting.

    Uncomfortable CatUncomfortable Cat8 kun oldin
    • i know !

      Manya PandeyManya Pandey8 kun oldin
  • Is this a Bestbuy Gift Card Scam zoom meeting?

    ADVENT AvengerADVENT Avenger8 kun oldin
  • I get Kannan and Mark, but what the fuck these 2 other " " doing here.

    Aditya TiwariAditya Tiwari8 kun oldin
  • Praise Vishnu!

    Chris NorthcottChris Northcott8 kun oldin
  • Mark was so awkward

    • No he's just a little gay sometime

      alexgzbro101alexgzbro1018 kun oldin
  • i notice on alot of small channels with not even 1k subs he does podcasts with cool guy no ego at all like he is a comedian but not a celeb and thats how you know he is real i dnt get a celeb vibe from mark normand thats one reason he is getting super popular and the obvious being he is an amazing comedian in my opinion the best comedian in the world right now hands down mark i hope you read this and never sell out always be yourself!

    Aaron PhelanAaron Phelan8 kun oldin
    • He’s blowing up for being a pure comedian. No bullshit. So when he blows up nobody can blame anything else other than COMEDY!

      Jason PackJason Pack4 kun oldin

      FoodforThoughtFoodforThought6 kun oldin
    • @LOLThat's all I know how to do

      FoodforThoughtFoodforThought6 kun oldin
    • "And he didn't even punctuate"

      LOLLOL6 kun oldin
    • @Christine Chin This is supposed to be cheesy!

      FoodforThoughtFoodforThought8 kun oldin
  • This was really good

    Peter TortoraPeter Tortora8 kun oldin
  • Love from India Bro 💓💓💓

  • Really interesting chat!

    FoodforThoughtFoodforThought8 kun oldin
  • he wore sunglasses for the whole interview ?? weirdo

    desdemona ldesdemona l8 kun oldin
    • he should add the leather jacket

      motorhead412motorhead4128 kun oldin
    • It's his schtick

      Mike MarikMike Marik8 kun oldin
    • No, just a little hungover and a little gay

      FoodforThoughtFoodforThought8 kun oldin
  • Mark Normand.

    brain ticklerbrain tickler8 kun oldin
  • Kanan Biswa Kenny are some of the best Indian comedians you can ever meet.

    Rahul SainiRahul Saini8 kun oldin
    • 😂😂

      Ankush MamgainAnkush Mamgain8 kun oldin
  • Good to see mark socialising . Good to go man

    Saurabh KumarSaurabh Kumar8 kun oldin
  • Those guys were David Letterman writers right?!

    Dino BravoDino Bravo8 kun oldin
  • Spread the love:

    la patria o la tumbala patria o la tumba8 kun oldin
  • Wonder if India can even handle Mark tbh 😂

    Harshvardhan jainHarshvardhan jain8 kun oldin
    • I think the same for Anthony Jeselnik

      Abhijeet BordeAbhijeet Borde6 kun oldin
    • I'm indian I love comedy. But been living outside india since age 12

      Ty YupTy Yup8 kun oldin
    • India is doing real good in the comedy

      MoorbiltMoorbilt8 kun oldin
    • Quit it you lil punk

      Yash ShuklaYash Shukla8 kun oldin
    • India can't even handle Kamra how'd they handle Mark🤷‍♂️😂

      Rahul SainiRahul Saini8 kun oldin

    FoodforThoughtFoodforThought8 kun oldin
    • 👽

      G The EntityG The Entity20 soat oldin
    • Glory to ROC!

      EastGhostEastGhost8 kun oldin
    • HAHAHA!!!

      OAM595OAM5958 kun oldin
  • Halfway through mark realizes this isn’t a conference call about getting his website up and running.

    Tons More CowbellTons More Cowbell8 kun oldin
  • Mark. Need to Collab with Daniel Fernandes or the Kaanmasti crew (Hoezaay)

    GeorgeGeorge8 kun oldin
  • Omg. This is insane. Mark, thanks for doing this.

    GeorgeGeorge8 kun oldin
    • “George is saying cut it”

      Joshua LoweJoshua Lowe8 kun oldin
  • Look at this kooky cat, always funny.

    Sage BuckinghamSage Buckingham8 kun oldin
  • Only 18 commercial breaks! Sweet! Thanks UZworld n fukya

    JD KilbourneJD Kilbourne8 kun oldin
    • Yeah not sure if mark knows how to work the adsense settings yet lol

      Tons More CowbellTons More Cowbell8 kun oldin
  • First!

    jj8 kun oldin