Joke Tweakin in Jersey

6-Okt, 2020
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Testing out some new bits at the Stress Factory! Give it a whirl folks. Comedy!
video by Sean Millea

  • You are like a woman.. all night guys compliment you.. but you remember the guy who gave you the stank eye.. BTW you rock

    elirahmanelirahman7 kun oldin
  • somehow im just thinking about this doppelgänger

    Jump on YayaJump on Yaya14 kun oldin
    • no way its also his birthday

      Jump on YayaJump on Yaya14 kun oldin
  • that awkward pointing makes me laugh every time

    David MartinezDavid Martinez20 kun oldin
  • We love you Kevin Hart!

    john doejohn doe21 kun oldin
  • didnt see any bombing there

    subjectiveperspsubjectivepersp23 kun oldin
  • Fuck how did I miss this show

    Louie VanniniLouie VanniniOy oldin
  • “Volunteer work with children” Shelby!

    Juan NunezJuan NunezOy oldin
  • I hope you get your big break man.

    theOMEGAtheOMEGAOy oldin
  • Good documentary. Like these shorts.

    Joshua EwellJoshua EwellOy oldin
  • 2:24 what are the odds...

    MikeMikeOy oldin
  • We need a faceless camera man sidekick

    Jared CogswellJared CogswellOy oldin
  • My thumb was covering the word joke and all i saw was "tweakin' in jersey".. lmao!

    Bender RodriguezBender RodriguezOy oldin
  • Just discovered Mark Normand, my new favorite comic! I watch a ton of standup and he is a very special talent. He is like a combination of all the legendary standups but still so original. Honestly, a real breath of fresh queef for me!

    Jackson AndresJackson AndresOy oldin
  • It’s NOT the same delivery though. Delivery matters so much.... bad jokes with heat delivery make all the difference, and vice versa. I’ve seen you do the same jokes many times and the delivery really matters. I don’t get why it varies so much, as it’s jokes you must have told hundreds of times.

    pressrepeat2000pressrepeat2000Oy oldin
  • The Kevin Hart shirt 🤣

    Happier and with your mouth openHappier and with your mouth openOy oldin
  • Hey, Mark. Just from watching Tuesdays, I feel like I can give some pretty basic advice. It's good to push yourself to get better. You seem to have the drive for it--which is great. But just because one crowd didn't get the jokes one night, you have to remember that the second night, you killed. Maybe the lame crowd will get it the next time around. Don't kill yourself over every crowd that didn't get it. They will the next time. Just some amateur advice.

    Matt McClowMatt McClowOy oldin
  • I saw Jeff Garlin and I made that "wtf" face at him all night. The difference is he deserved it because he's an awful stand up. Mark is a genius and doesn't deserve it.

    TheBarfTheBarfOy oldin
  • bro come to california again. I missed your show because of a stupid class last time

    SampaiSampaiOy oldin
  • This is the sad part lmao! Brings out the duffle bag full of merch

    Milwaukee BrewersMilwaukee BrewersOy oldin
  • Hey hey! Comedy huh

    Michael RayoMichael RayoOy oldin
  • this dood str8 up sold a book written by kevin fart and signed it WhAt ThE hEcc

    LtUnrealLtUnrealOy oldin
  • Mark would probably be bigger if Kevin Hart didn't use his name. Heh

    Loki D. WolfLoki D. WolfOy oldin
  • The Mark Normand Shirt With Kevin cockHart on it haha

    KillUKrueKillUKrueOy oldin
  • that guy looked like mark normand ruffalo

    SEbPSEbPOy oldin
  • a hella'fah drug

    Jaime AmunateguiJaime AmunateguiOy oldin
  • "There's no rhyme or anal to it" That's deep

    John SmithJohn SmithOy oldin
  • most underrated man!

    DJADJAOy oldin
  • Great videos! Please keep doing these.

    The Quartersawn CraftsmanThe Quartersawn CraftsmanOy oldin
  • No one in the audience is wearing masks yet when people meet him after the set they are.

    Chris WaltzChris WaltzOy oldin
  • Mark, your site is down, or it's just my phone.

    Cameron StoneCameron StoneOy oldin
  • The brick wall is so important in stand up comedy, they made a sheet of faux brick to hang in the tent. wtf. Love ya Mark!

    In It To Spin ItIn It To Spin ItOy oldin
  • I found that doppelganger/same-birthday moment to be INCREDIBLY AWESOME!!! I always really dig when someone notices the randomest and most unlikely things!

    TheScottGilliesTheScottGilliesOy oldin
  • I've never realized how close your name is to Norm Macdonald until I clicked this video and was so disappointed.

    zombie3785zombie3785Oy oldin
  • That guy really didn't look that much like Mark

    BarryBarryOy oldin
  • Hilarious ! I love when mark shows his thoughts n process before n after shows ! Much love keep it up mark !

    Rene RamosRene RamosOy oldin
  • I thought Mark Normand was introducing a new comic - Joke Tweakin

    Dayvit78Dayvit78Oy oldin
  • The best Kevin Hart comedy I've ever heard

    I'm NudeI'm NudeOy oldin
  • I could watch this for hours...great stuff Kevin Hart

    Ejiku ChrisEjiku ChrisOy oldin
  • Don’t get corona mark!

    LindsayLindsayOy oldin
  • Funny as heck but my god Mark's voice always sounds like hes putting it on whatever hes doing

    Paul ElroyPaul ElroyOy oldin
  • Dude, you're ideas for content are so fresh

    Vincent GuerraVincent GuerraOy oldin
  • Just realized that Mark looks like Eric Spoelstra when they’re wearing masks

    Brian FaberBrian FaberOy oldin
  • This is so cool, I'm queefing all over the place

    Karan GeraKaran GeraOy oldin
  • Had the pleasure of seeing the 930 Friday show , first comedy show since March 13, A Nj transit train in the distance blew its horn so loud it ruined one of his jokes but he made a great rebuttal about being heckled by NJ transit , one of the great a real pleasure it was seeing him

    glamcamlurksglamcamlurksOy oldin
  • Mark Normand signing Kevin Hart's book is just beautiful.

    Laban ColeLaban ColeOy oldin
  • "If you assume you make an ass out of me and your dad" -Confucius.

    MuffMuffOy oldin
  • You killed in San Antonio, gave me the giggle queefs.

    Josh KillianJosh KillianOy oldin
  • It makes sense to me that different people with different tastes will react differently to the same jokes. Hey, when you get a crowd that's mixed with people laughing and some not just ignore the nots and focus on the one guy laughing. That's the key! :) These jokes all made me laugh Mark so I think you're doing it right! But hey, who the hell am I?! :)

    Patrick Gallagher Blues GuitarPatrick Gallagher Blues GuitarOy oldin
  • I'm sure that it's different from the stage, but even the crowds that were less enthusiastic seemed to be having a good time. When I've gone to comedy clubs and seen people bomb, a lot of the time it's just dead silent between jokes.

    Ross EberleRoss EberleOy oldin
  • Okay... here we go... comedy...

    RjcRjcOy oldin
  • Recycled material

    Mark Cordero I work for the LordMark Cordero I work for the LordOy oldin
  • Jokes! Jokes, at a comedy show.

    Zach SZach SOy oldin
  • “Assumption is the mother of all anal”

    LukeLukeOy oldin
  • I dont get how you become such a great comedian and still do things like selling your own merch at the end of shows, isnt that just horrificly humiliating?

    Sean BeadsSean BeadsOy oldin
  • what is the context of praise Allah that mark said at 9:57 and he has that in his twitter bio also. Can someone explain it to me?

    ALL Nepal TechALL Nepal TechOy oldin
  • Where can I get Mark's red and blue jacket?

    John Tyler MorganJohn Tyler MorganOy oldin
  • love the video, let me get a increase of audio volume please

    manwinder singhmanwinder singhOy oldin
  • Set was hilarious but the funniest part to me was him signing the Kevin Hart book. Killed me

    JD YoungJD YoungOy oldin
  • Good man marky boi 😎😂hilarious stuff, hope to get to see you live in the future , peace and good Luck from Ireland 😘☘☘☘🍀🍀🍀

    Paul ClarkePaul ClarkeOy oldin
  • Imagine someone showing up to a Kevin Hart show expecting Mark lol

    Derek HudsonDerek HudsonOy oldin
  • Mark Covid next! Jokes from the Ventilator 😂

    Hidden Harvest Grow LightsHidden Harvest Grow LightsOy oldin
  • I was at that show!

    pizzamangranpizzamangranOy oldin
  • I've said it before, and I'll say it again, "Mark, you are comedic genius!"

    Bill Oleshko JrBill Oleshko JrOy oldin
  • @Mark - this was gold, thank you for this! Love from India.

    bawramanjhibawramanjhiOy oldin
  • You're hilarious, man. Keep pushing and keep writing.

    D in ColoradoD in ColoradoOy oldin
  • Thank you for this this is awesome

    MaxMaxOy oldin
  • You're like me if I was an Uber driver lmaoooo

    CuckSlayerCuckSlayerOy oldin
  • Jerry taking Mark to get coffee>

    Keyton WestgardKeyton WestgardOy oldin
  • Beautiful! So proud to also be one of those who woke up and stopped wearing the suffocation face panties for a mere cold with a literal 99,99% survival rate. That's if it even exists at all and they just murdered a bunch of scared stupid sheep with ventilators, fear and fatigue. Proud of everybody, especially Mark for being one of the first to have some balls and brains.

    Ra PrometheusRa PrometheusOy oldin
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Your guy needs to know how to handle sound. We can hear you. Great stuff. Love you!

    Mike HatzlMike HatzlOy oldin
  • the audio is lower than my eyelids

    carlo s.carlo s.Oy oldin
  • Mark normally

    The WEEZARDThe WEEZARDOy oldin
  • I need that kevin hart shirt

    Austen HarnessAusten HarnessOy oldin
  • Happy birthday to you, mark! Great shows!

    caryn martincaryn martinOy oldin
  • I was at the first show on Sat in the cocaine section (left side). He was hilarious and I didn't think he bombed. The right side smells like a taint. Or maybe a queef.

    MarcMarcOy oldin
  • Mannnnnn, it's so cool to watch what goes into a comedy show during these "weird times" love it 👍

    The Agostinho Zinga ShowThe Agostinho Zinga ShowOy oldin
  • that 3 stooges poster is awesome lol

    MadNeroMadNeroOy oldin
  • such a hardworker man..spreading comedy all around faster than corona

    Ajeet hadaAjeet hadaOy oldin
  • Mark is a BEAST!

    Calm Her OnCalm Her OnOy oldin
  • “Look at this queef over here in the corner... and you guys gotta have a black queef there!” 😩🤣💀🐱💨

    Ana LozadaAna LozadaOy oldin
  • I thought the title was Mark Twerking. Funny and interesting but not enough ass.

    Tullen BurnsTullen BurnsOy oldin

    TTTTOy oldin
  • LOVE this stuff. Keep it comin. Great job, Sean!

    Dan AbleyDan AbleyOy oldin
  • Comedians on LSD would be sick.

    Scott ShoeScott ShoeOy oldin
  • where tf is the audio? this volume low AF

    LiL Jeff GordonLiL Jeff GordonOy oldin
  • were you this lame before corona ?

    Benjamin IonutBenjamin IonutOy oldin
  • Yeah yeah, do a kick flip already

    Ty SnopekTy SnopekOy oldin
  • Netflix be outchea giving specials to boring comedians..while this man deserves one...

    The-DThe-DOy oldin
    • He isn't woke enough for them or a woman so no show for mark

      Alex PainterAlex PainterOy oldin
  • Whoa! That really was a doppelganger 😂😂😂

    L VL VOy oldin
  • 👍👍👍🇩🇪

    Sandra BechtSandra BechtOy oldin
  • I think you would make good comedy movies, yes!! You need to start making movies, that’s my personal opinion, I’d watch it, I think it would be funny to see you in different situations, you are seriously funny!!

    Alvin Papa Smurf SimmsAlvin Papa Smurf SimmsOy oldin
  • I wish I was there

    Daniel RogersDaniel RogersOy oldin
  • 2:23 Bruh that backhanded comment 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Michael SolaresMichael SolaresOy oldin
  • "You're like me if I was an Uber driver..."

    Gene BurnettGene BurnettOy oldin
  • Mark Normand you are a magnificent bastard. Don't ever change

    joey4trackjoey4trackOy oldin
  • I had to tell Doug Stanhope I was just too high at a show when he asked me afterwards what the hell my problem was lol

    Wylde BoreWylde BoreOy oldin
  • “Good” 🐵

    Quincy GrimQuincy GrimOy oldin
  • Hey Mark, if you're really gay - I know a dude that can suck a golf ball through a garden hose

    Zechariah RossZechariah RossOy oldin
  • This guy is taking the internet by storm!!

    Jack KellyJack KellyOy oldin
  • How often is the green room actually green!?

    Tyler SheltonTyler SheltonOy oldin