Jerry Seinfeld likes Mark Normand!

6-Iyl, 2019
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Welp, this is a doozy folks! One for the books. Living the dream! Comedy!
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  • lets gooooooooooooooooooooooo markkkkkkkkkkk

    Tamed PodcastTamed Podcast2 oy oldin
  • Definitely deserve it bro

    Larry Leg3ndLarry Leg3nd3 oy oldin
  • Jerry's kids

    Palm Beach Ink TattoosPalm Beach Ink Tattoos3 oy oldin
  • we're all gonna make it, brah

    KAMLUKAMLU4 oy oldin
  • This is so awesome!!! Great job Mark!!!

    Rhett BurgessRhett Burgess4 oy oldin
  • One of the best ‘comedy daddies’ sees and appreciates a ‘comedy son’. That’s truly awesome! Quality sees quality. Talent sees talent. 👍

    Christine ChinChristine Chin5 oy oldin
  • ok got it, i will keep an eye out for kevin hart

    Laiyam BaennotteLaiyam Baennotte5 oy oldin
  • respects!

    PabloWanPabloWan6 oy oldin
  • Norm Normand and Mark McDonald have got to go out for coffee with a camera and some male assistant to crank them up and let em go.

    MoorbiltMoorbilt8 oy oldin
  • Jonesin for that hang Jer!

    Mike CMike C8 oy oldin
  • thats a great endorsement!

    Elliot LynchElliot Lynch8 oy oldin
  • Mark Normd. Sam mirrell. Are the two that I think are the best

    Meat city. 5119Meat city. 51198 oy oldin
  • Did you shit yourself and jizz simultaneously when you first heard this, Mark ?

    ArcataTaperArcataTaper9 oy oldin
  • Hell yeah!! Name dropped by one of the greats!!!

    Jason KimbleJason Kimble9 oy oldin
  • lol @ "these hardcore crazy guys" ... Really deserved props here. Normand is hilarious and the fact he's so insecure makes the shoutout that much more wholesome.

    RedressenyRedresseny9 oy oldin
  • Yeah! Learn some marketing!

    VegetaVegeta9 oy oldin
  • I just queefed

    Vic HVic H9 oy oldin
  • Hes gay!

    Jonny BravoJonny Bravo10 oy oldin
  • Right on, Mark! Getting high praise from the Jer!

    Gregory CampbellGregory Campbell11 oy oldin
  • Heh.. heeeehhhhhhhhh.....

    Apple JacksApple Jacks11 oy oldin
  • The 1 thumbs down is from bobcat goldthwaite

    Subscriber 10Subscriber 1011 oy oldin
  • I watched this live and I was stunned when he said your name, I am rewatching this now after your appearance on Jim and Sam

    AlvalankerAlvalanker11 oy oldin
  • Who the fook is that guy? JK, I agree with the Sein, good thing you read up on Buddy Hackett!

    Mat GuerraMat Guerra11 oy oldin
  • Who woulda thought jerry Seinfeld is a tuesgay!!

    jaysus93jaysus9311 oy oldin
  • I’m over chanting “mark! Mark! Mark!” F ya mark!

    Ryan VennekoltRyan Vennekolt11 oy oldin
  • What twat gave this a single thumbs down??

    Steve PoveySteve Povey11 oy oldin
  • He does know Mark is a gay right?

    Donnie KnukelzDonnie Knukelz11 oy oldin
  • Congrats to you Mark, well deserved. You're hilarious

    Robert PaynterRobert PaynterYil oldin
  • hell yea mark is gonna be one of the best

    M JM JYil oldin
  • Mark Norman is definitely the best joke writer around. No one else tells jokes anymore

    Braxton TurnerBraxton TurnerYil oldin
  • He’s shuckin’, he’s jivin’, he’s gay. It’s a whole thing.

    Matthew DaviesMatthew DaviesYil oldin
  • the one thumbs down is from Mark.

    PrimusaurPrimusaurYil oldin
  • Wow that’s cool Mark. I would have to agree with him 👍🏼😊

    Eccentric ViewsEccentric ViewsYil oldin
  • Wow! Didn't know Seinfeld was gay too. Way to go. Congrats!

    Yusuf RoncoYusuf RoncoYil oldin
  • Keep an eye out. Very talented. Says Queef a lot.

    JRJRYil oldin
  • I wonder if Mark saw this?

    Xandr 44Xandr 44Yil oldin
  • Too deepfake Normand onto Kramer is a question isn't it?

    dankdreamzdankdreamzYil oldin
  • Nice!!

    unusualTroubleunusualTroubleYil oldin
  • Just saw him at the punchline in Sac, his time is coming 😂

    Jumpman TJumpman TYil oldin
  • I live in New Zealand and even IIIIIII know about Mark Normand! considering we only got electricity last week,.. i think that says something.

    Steve HuntSteve HuntYil oldin
  • This is the kind of stuff that would matter to me too. To think I first heard this class act on Chip Chipperson... Strange world

    Samuel TorresSamuel TorresYil oldin
  • Damn that’s nice

    BlaineBlaineYil oldin
  • This is so fuckin cool man holy shit!!! Congrats

    Brandon WatersBrandon WatersYil oldin

    spittingbloodspittingbloodYil oldin
  • Mark deserves this and more. Very talented and driven comic

    Roger HeathersRoger HeathersYil oldin
  • Good choice Jerry! Normand is always funny! 😂😂

    Jason YountJason YountYil oldin
  • Congrats bud!

    General ApeshitGeneral ApeshitYil oldin
  • where credit is DUE!!

    Nick LepschNick LepschYil oldin
  • Holy cow! that's awesome.

    Brett AyresBrett AyresYil oldin
  • Really any comment praising you is redundant after Seinfeld does.

    Matt HMatt HYil oldin
  • Don't know about this Marc Normand, but that white boy Kevin Hart is one of the funniest out there today.

    Baritone AstoriaBaritone AstoriaYil oldin
    • JimmyWillRustle beat jimmy you fucking geek lol

      Frank MedinaFrank Medina2 oy oldin
    • @Bartitone I think if Jerry referred to Kevin hart as an up comer he would have been called a hater. Seriously Kevin Hart an up comer, get your head out of your ass and quit looking to race you racist.

      Frank MedinaFrank Medina3 oy oldin
    • @phukit Hart wasn't active in the 80s, lol

      Jack MorrisonJack Morrison6 oy oldin
  • Thank you, I'm Kevin Hart.

    Pat PatPat PatYil oldin
  • Solid

    SterlingSterlingYil oldin
  • Thats gotta feel so good hearing that from the legend himself!

    Jason GuzmanJason GuzmanYil oldin
  • Yeah Mon ! Lol

    VannaWhites BabbyDaddyVannaWhites BabbyDaddyYil oldin
  • You’re so fucking funny man Jerry definitely did you a major solid I hope you get all the monies in da wooooorld

    4T1K5O4T1K5OYil oldin
  • Voice over sounds just like him! Good job

    J. H.J. H.Yil oldin
  • Mark Normand is gold, Jerry! Gold!

    Jordan MoffittJordan MoffittYil oldin
  • The big break is coming fatty

    RockWonder210RockWonder210Yil oldin
  • gay ol'Marky mark nearding out

    Ham 'Housekeeping' SarrisHam 'Housekeeping' SarrisYil oldin
  • Yeah, but, like...what does he know?

    BrianBrianYil oldin
  • I came here looking for Kevin Hart

    Gonzo TorresGonzo TorresYil oldin
  • I’m jonesin’ so hard right now

    bl00df4rtbl00df4rtYil oldin
  • I don't know much, but this seems like the showbiz equivalent of a down ass chick telling all her friends about how great a lay you are

    boheefuseverettboheefuseverettYil oldin
  • so siiiiick

    brandonmurbrandonmurYil oldin
  • N till this day some say mark Norman is at the mountain side staring at a full moon, still jonesing for that hang....

    jp198404jp198404Yil oldin
  • It's the comedy power couple that some are now calling "Normfeld"

    Ayyy We're Listening Here!Ayyy We're Listening Here!Yil oldin
    • Could be easily mistaken for Norm Macdonald :)

      Aditya MohanAditya Mohan7 oy oldin
  • Congrats, brother! Keep killing it, keep it a lil hungover, keep it a lil gay.

    Sam HolderSam HolderYil oldin
    • Black don't crack!

      EricEric8 oy oldin
  • Jerry doesn’t always go for the homerun with his comedians in cars guests. I really hope he invites you to be on there next season.

    hoyithoyitYil oldin
  • Hell yeah awesome shout out

    Luke LongmuirLuke LongmuirYil oldin
  • Obviously, everyone loves mark, even the people he rapes.

    thatfitdad IGthatfitdad IGYil oldin
  • Is that that gay guy?

    Autism PowersAutism PowersYil oldin
  • S'proud.

    Al WolfAl WolfYil oldin
  • You deserve it man.

    Robert O’TooleRobert O’TooleYil oldin
  • Thats so cool.

    Billyshead133Billyshead133Yil oldin
  • Hey Mark I know you like comments and constructive criticism. I absolutely love your stuff just watched you on the cooking with Bert , with Jess and I was crying!!! You are an absolute pro when your dry and whitty , when I watched that clip ....I think it was comedy Central or something about pursued by an armed maniac...after watching so much of your stuff I was like....why is mark over hyper and forced...don't do that lol your the best man look forward to seeing more from you. Love from the U.K

    wade wilsonwade wilsonYil oldin
  • Mark Normand is great

    Fred GorgenchuckFred GorgenchuckYil oldin
  • He's Jonesing for the hang!

    Alex PerkesAlex PerkesYil oldin
  • Mark spanks it to this video for every like it gets, his wife pegs him for every dislike...

    dc018dc018Yil oldin
  • Mark spanks it to this video for every like it gets, his wife pegs him for every dislike...

    dc018dc018Yil oldin
  • You just couldnt play it cool, Could you mark?

    Escobar144Escobar144Yil oldin
  • Ayyy Jerry, check out my patreon! got any daughters..? How bout a loan?

    tlh1981tlh1981Yil oldin
  • "Hasnt broken yet" by Seinfeld standards that just means no TV show yet so keep that chin up

    Dave SarraDave SarraYil oldin
  • Wonder if Jerry is a Tuesgay?

    LeathaFaceLeathaFaceYil oldin
  • Hey Hey! Got an eye out here in Kauai Hawaii. Give it a Goog and maybe I’ll buy you a Mai Tai some day. Adios!

    Joe DJoe DYil oldin
  • Yessssss

    Joel OakleyJoel OakleyYil oldin
  • Mark is in fact brilliant and far underestimated

    None Ya- businessNone Ya- businessYil oldin
  • Jonesin’ for that hang Jer!! Whenever ur ready, my hang is jonsed AF!!

    howard HUGHEShoward HUGHESYil oldin
  • Awesome, Mark! I agree with Jerry; you breathe new life into classic comedy styles, as evidenced by your one liners. Great precision goes into that brevity. Jerry talks about comedy the same way I approach jazz piano. There's such a fine balance between technical discipline and fluid delivery. You're an excellent craftsman!

    Christian ForrestChristian ForrestYil oldin
  • Fawk YEAH

    immortalthrashmetalimmortalthrashmetalYil oldin
  • pretty sure he said Mark Borman

    Kayla BurnsKayla BurnsYil oldin
  • Big fan, love your comedy specially the bits about you being an Introvert. I relate and probabbly many of us do but you know😀 we dont talk too much!

    Ricardo FonsecaRicardo FonsecaYil oldin
  • Jerry loves him cause he’s a little hung over... a little gay. I mean, isn’t that why we all love him?

    Aaron RivardAaron RivardYil oldin
  • Cooking baby! COOKIN'!!!

    Will BowieWill BowieYil oldin
  • So deserving and epic awesome. Congrats, ya lil queerer!

    Brandon LemoineBrandon LemoineYil oldin
  • Well hell yeah! Good things are definitely in your future Mark. Tuesgays!

    Matthew WennerstromMatthew WennerstromYil oldin
  • Way to go, Kevin!

    Peter SellersPeter SellersYil oldin

    GeorgeGeorgeYil oldin
  • I'm so happy for you, Mark! That's lunch!

    Diego AlvaDiego AlvaYil oldin
  • U know it’s real when Jerry says you understand the profession haha

    RacksOnRacks 1000RacksOnRacks 1000Yil oldin