Best of Mark Compilation (made by a kooky fan)

12-Okt, 2020
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A compilation of bits, gags, anal + more. If you make a video about me, I will post it. Good or bad! Comedy!!

  • Mark Normand is so underrated.

    Space FoxSpace Fox27 kun oldin
  • No one: Mark Normand: I just put a special out

    Brod JeffersonBrod JeffersonOy oldin
  • Mark, Tim D, Sam M, Chrissy Drip Drop all killing it, loving the fresh faces of new York!

    TheK2TheC479TheK2TheC479Oy oldin
  • We're watching a GOAT rise faster than Normand's bone if he reads this.

    Ernest MolinaErnest MolinaOy oldin
  • love the vid but the music makes me want to stomp on a baby's foot

    KAZ 1 TVKAZ 1 TVOy oldin
  • What a kook..

    JanckeriswatchingyouJanckeriswatchingyouOy oldin
  • love kevin hart

    Alec NewmanAlec NewmanOy oldin
  • im kevin hart, praise Ala, im gay, hes in my top three still preforming comedians and i mean b4 the commie cough

    james wightjames wightOy oldin
  • I had to pause it, this video put me in a laughing convulsion. It was just hitting over and over relentlessly. Thank you kooky fan

    Keith HillKeith HillOy oldin
  • Easily taking the spot for top 5 comedians in my own list. No fear, just a smidge of anxiety.🤣

    Luis CLuis COy oldin
  • kevin hart really is the best

    DaveDaveOy oldin

    D LegionnaireD LegionnaireOy oldin
  • @3:27 mark doing a Joker deleted scene reenactment.

    Walter RouxWalter RouxOy oldin
  • staying active through the pandemic, being active on multiple platforms, releasing new content, fanbase is growing, momentum is building.. bigger things ahead i think

  • Thanks, Kevin Hart. ;)

    Travis IkkandaTravis IkkandaOy oldin
  • That’s not Mark! That’s Kevin Hart!

    Mando AnonMando AnonOy oldin
  • Saw Mark and Joe kill it in Fairfield, CT Sunday night. Mark farted twice into the mic. It was hilarious and epic.

    Frederick0220Frederick0220Oy oldin
  • I love Mark. That's all.

    Angela FranklinAngela FranklinOy oldin
  • The best.

    Drawn to WaterDrawn to WaterOy oldin
  • Mark Normand & Theo Von are by far my favorite funny fu¢kerz

    Somebody SomeoneSomebody SomeoneOy oldin
  • Same music I made for my model train vid lol

    Blake DavisBlake DavisOy oldin
  • Mark you're hilarious! This a good compilation, shout out to the kooky fan.

    edubbykcedubbykcOy oldin
  • 🖤✨

    Ana LozadaAna LozadaOy oldin
  • Love this guy, can't wait to see him come back to Florida

    FranciscoFranciscoOy oldin
  • Ok... here we go... comedy...

    RjcRjcOy oldin
  • "NORM AND NORMAND.." think about it...

    20 years ago20 years agoOy oldin
  • I love Kevin Hart, hes so good for a white guy

    KyleKyleOy oldin
  • Kevin hart is hitlerious

  • All of this was white comedians! We need some diversity

    SeanSeanOy oldin
  • Mark says he has low self worth, which is kinda sad cause he's hilarious. Ironically this may be the primary source of his comedic talent. If that's the case, I say suck it up Mark and keep the chuckles coming!

    CloudCloudOy oldin
    • that's the sucky sort of hope he gets just enough therapy to be happy with himself and feel accomplished but not enough to lose what makes him funny

  • Missed him at the Omaha Funny Bone 'cause it got covid-cancelled. Can't wait to see him live! Love ya Clark Formand

    Andy PehrsonAndy PehrsonOy oldin
  • Whenever someone says ‘queef’ I can only see Mark. Head over to our channel - our latest discusses why he is the king of comedy!

    Kids Eat Toast SometimesKids Eat Toast SometimesOy oldin
  • Mark Normand, more like nork mamond! Can anyone tell me if this is: comedy

    Cinni BunnCinni BunnOy oldin
  • I give this video 5 stars of David

    Cinni BunnCinni BunnOy oldin
  • Man, comedy this Mark Normand guy is comedy!

    Cinni BunnCinni BunnOy oldin
  • I made an iPhone vid of helping a beetle off his back with the same music. I called it, “Life Is Stupid”. Pretty cute.

    PariSitic PicturesPariSitic PicturesOy oldin
  • great joke about crazy lady with hoop ear rings somebody should write that down.

    Joe CrabloneJoe CrabloneOy oldin
  • The best place to come out of the closet is in the middle of a cheering crowd. 6:35

    Xero PuntXero PuntOy oldin
  • hey hey

    Michael RayoMichael RayoOy oldin
  • If that hoop earring joke was really improvised then Mark really is a genius lol solid crowd work

    Randall MarshRandall MarshOy oldin
  • Comedy!

    Randall MarshRandall MarshOy oldin
  • Great jokes

    Randall MarshRandall MarshOy oldin
  • Algorithm

    Randall MarshRandall MarshOy oldin
  • Wow, the trolls are out strong. This is clearly Kevin Hart

    William CuttingWilliam CuttingOy oldin
  • mark you are a good guy . kevin's grandfather would have let you drink from his fountain back in the 50s

    Pablo 86Pablo 86Oy oldin
  • I don't mean to be weird but I'd like to thank you good sir your comedy has got me through some tuff times this year

    Carl JohnsonCarl JohnsonOy oldin
  • We really have to start replacing Nickleback w/Imagine Dragons. It's 2020. It's time people.

    I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitiousI’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitiousOy oldin
  • I swear the clip from the Cleveland morning show is in every one of your videos. Good job Kevin. Comedy!

    Chest RockwellChest RockwellOy oldin
  • Well done. Feels like I'm watching a pilot but I'm a little gay and baked.

    Jamie BaierJamie BaierOy oldin

    AK 4oAK 4oOy oldin
  • Oh shit! I recommended your team reach out to this guy!

    José BermudezJosé BermudezOy oldin
  • gotta love the imovie stock credit music

    Justin SchneiderJustin SchneiderOy oldin
  • the only comedian I’ll ever spend my money on, Kevin hart you’re too good

    Zinnia ChaturvediZinnia ChaturvediOy oldin
  • Best compilation of great ol queeef times.

    dischadyoudischadyouOy oldin
  • ''Thanks allot I'm Kevin Hart'' lol

    King LeunitasKing LeunitasOy oldin
  • Dude is fine

    Donovan HDonovan HOy oldin
  • He's got dad energy, really funny dad energy

    hospitalcleanerhospitalcleanerOy oldin
  • FYI. That's the theme music to Hiking With Kevin Nealon (ex-SNL). Example (guest Conan O'Brien):

    Mac DelaneyMac DelaneyOy oldin
  • Mark Normand, you are too talented & creative to work in the Fox Lot!

    Christine ChinChristine ChinOy oldin
  • Another 1st class production 👍 🥇 Mark Normand (& team) keeping us sane. 🙃 Also enjoy reading the comments 👌

    Christine ChinChristine ChinOy oldin

    spridlespridleOy oldin
    • mark only puts out if you buy him dinner

      Acct AdminAcct AdminOy oldin
  • That SoulJoel's place is FIVE MINUTES FROM ME! I laughed when I saw a comedy club opened up in my town (laughed at, not with), but I didn't realize MARK WAS HERE! I MISSED IT!

    theworkshotheworkshoOy oldin
    • back on 10/21 fatty!!

      mark normandmark normandOy oldin
  • The best is yet to come fatty..

    Brian CoppageBrian CoppageOy oldin
  • Where's the worst of?

    D CD COy oldin
    • D C - ha ha 😆

      Christine ChinChristine ChinOy oldin
  • Did he change his act for the Uber No Smalltalk option or did UBER get the idea from HIM?? Maybe one of their employees saw his skit and brought the idea up to the big wigs. 🤔

    C GC GOy oldin
  • It's all gold!!!

    Bobby GallagherBobby GallagherOy oldin
  • This video should be hours long!

    Atomic BoomstickAtomic BoomstickOy oldin
  • The dislikes are wondering where Kevin Hart is

    Michael SnyderMichael SnyderOy oldin
  • 8 people hate COMEDY!

    brett 2004brett 2004Oy oldin
  • Needs more grape juice!

    Ruben VelaRuben VelaOy oldin
  • comedy!

    Berkay SarıkayaBerkay SarıkayaOy oldin
  • More

    Bill bickBill bickOy oldin
  • people dont usually make their own best of comp. love ya park normand

    DanchopsDanchopsOy oldin
  • A little hung over a little gay

    taLLdavidtaLLdavidOy oldin
  • Only 7 minutes? Nahhh not long enough.

    soap0688soap0688Oy oldin
  • I'll score this video 4 out of 5 queefs!

    CodPastCodPastOy oldin
  • Queef

    Brandon LemoineBrandon LemoineOy oldin
  • "Sorry, is that a me-too?" Gets me _every_ time.

    N7MithN7MithOy oldin
  • Glad to see Kevin Hart has been keeping busy during the Pandemic

    Tical HezzyTical HezzyOy oldin
  • Rated kevin Hart 5 stars of david on Uber after seeing this, Praise Allah

    Dapper FobDapper FobOy oldin
  • Comedy!

    Joseph De FilippisJoseph De FilippisOy oldin
  • I feel like Mark has been doing comedy for like 20 years but that cant be right.. He would have been a teenager if so. Maybe I met him before? I dont know.. whatever. All you white people look alike to me... Which is weird because Im also white. 🤷🏾‍♂️

    RdRdOy oldin
  • Comedy!

    David HarrisonDavid HarrisonOy oldin
  • Algorithm

    Jack EJack EOy oldin
  • The best comic working besides attell

    Chad WismerChad WismerOy oldin
    • Attell is a true comic and one of the smartest alive

      Chad WismerChad WismerOy oldin
    • Wesley Hoskins I’ve never seen him in nyc, only 4 times in chicago

      Chad WismerChad WismerOy oldin
    • Wish I lived in NY so i could see Attell

      Wesley HoskinsWesley HoskinsOy oldin
  • Man, Kevin Hart really has beaf with the Jews!

    Jeffrey KippermanJeffrey KippermanOy oldin
  • Praise Allah, get home safe, I'm gay - Kevin Heart 2020

    Deadbeat GamersDeadbeat GamersOy oldin
  • Comedy!

    Pat RPat ROy oldin
  • Kevin Hart's best of should be 3 hours long....queef...comedy

    ARKHAMxMaverickARKHAMxMaverickOy oldin
  • Mark said he bought an apt. in NYC. He ain’t hurtin’😊

    Bert CBert COy oldin
    • That same apt was robbed for $3,000 and it might've been his girlfriend. Just that kinda hurts

      Wesley HoskinsWesley HoskinsOy oldin
  • Bradley DennoBradley DennoOy oldin
  • I love Kevin Hart!

    Cubey JonesCubey JonesOy oldin
  • 🤣🤣🤣 gO_Odsh💩t mark normand

    eric whatleyeric whatleyOy oldin
  • you are my favorite gay super hero kevin hart

    brent arnoldbrent arnoldOy oldin
  • Whatever

    i am alive, or else you would have died too!i am alive, or else you would have died too!Oy oldin
  • Hey hey comedy huh! Still doing it!

    Gus ConstantineGus ConstantineOy oldin
  • I hate people too mark.

    JC MerchanJC MerchanOy oldin
  • I'm watching....

    i am alive, or else you would have died too!i am alive, or else you would have died too!Oy oldin
  • :D

    i am alive, or else you would have died too!i am alive, or else you would have died too!Oy oldin
  • The best of you is all of it. Aawwww....

    Michael PipkinMichael PipkinOy oldin