Bad News - Mark Normand

13-Avg, 2019
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Fun misdirection! Jokes folks. Comedy! #funny #jokes #comedy #police #black

  • Definitely one of the cleverest comedians 👏🏻👏🏻

    Marina LealMarina Leal2 oy oldin
  • 9 months later, this become somewhat foreshadowing

    Katanashi ProjectKatanashi Project5 oy oldin
    • Just thinking the same thing

      Benjamin BlomBenjamin Blom3 oy oldin
  • Here after the Joe rogan podcast this dude is hilarious

    Marcus ViniciusMarcus ViniciusYil oldin
  • Love u from LEBANON

    T ST SYil oldin
  • Omg can’t wait to see your full show! Love from San Francisco!

    AlexanderThePupAlexanderThePupYil oldin
  • Ooooooooou weeeeeee

    Joe TeeJoe TeeYil oldin
  • Imo you're one of the best comics on the planet. Comedy!

    Seth RottierSeth RottierYil oldin
  • Marky Mark. When are you coming to England? I’ve been asking you since 2013. Hilarious bit by the way.

    TheHatedHaterTheHatedHaterYil oldin
  • Do a show in Columbus

    humblebughumblebugYil oldin
  • Thanks, I'm Kevin Hart!

    omfgitsshanomfgitsshanYil oldin
  • I love you Mark Normand you rock and you are one funny dude keep up the hard work

    decepticonavid Gamerdecepticonavid GamerYil oldin
  • Thank

    TrevenusTrevenusYil oldin
  • i had a bad day. That just 😁😄✊

    TK CaapiTK CaapiYil oldin
  • Upload full video👏

    Bandit Country32Bandit Country32Yil oldin
  • You're one of the funniest men alive, Mark!

    fakethat93fakethat93Yil oldin
  • my girlfriend said "you can't tell that black joke, it's racist!...and if there's a black guy in the audience, he'll stab you!" -Chris Turner

    Xero PuntXero PuntYil oldin
    • 👋🏿

      Bandit Country32Bandit Country32Yil oldin
  • Brandon Schuab brought me here... subscribed

    Memyself HereMemyself HereYil oldin
  • Normand you are fucking hilarious dude

    Dr. GonzoDr. GonzoYil oldin
  • Mark Normand, I have a Pandora station of just you and Bill Burr. My two favorite comics out right now. My favorite is the “magnum that fit like a sweater on an anorexic girl.” That really is a mans version of Cinderella. I have wiggle room in a finger cot myself. I’m practically an iny.

    Aaron Burr Atwood.Aaron Burr Atwood.Yil oldin
    • Tmi

      Magic PowersMagic PowersYil oldin
  • I agree with Seinfeld. You're fucking hilarious 🤣

    AK 4oAK 4oYil oldin
  • Classic misdirection. A Kevin hart staple.

    Dave SarraDave SarraYil oldin
  • This dude cracks me up every fuckin' time 😂😂😂 Gotta watch him on the morning show if you haven't yet

    Space Head MusicSpace Head MusicYil oldin