ARE YOU GARBAGE - Mark Normand talks porn, travel, and comedy!

20-Noy, 2020
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Mark chops it up about porn, travel, and comedy on the Are You Garbage Podcast.
Check out the Are You Garbage podcast here folks!

  • You guys are great! I find myself LOL'ingl constantly throughout each episode. Love the concept behind it! I remember finding weed with my buddy while going through his parent's master-bedroom's closet. It was a shoebox filled with bags of weed and a blue-swirly glass pipe (this was in 8th grade during the mid-1980's). Get this, his dad was a doctor, a pediatrician, who was kind of well-known in the community. We didn't smoke any of it b/c we were so young and inexperienced to know what to do with the it. Then there were the dirty magazines under the bed over at Ronnie's house (his dad was the UPS driver for the area'). Good times it was like taking your first steps into the Dark-Arts ;)

    Like KaneLike Kane6 soat oldin
  • great vibe, reminds me of O&A

    ZenoZeno10 soat oldin
  • I'd love to listen to this but the audio quality garbage. Do some research on better microphones and discipline for use.

    Nicholas FrizzellNicholas Frizzell11 soat oldin
  • The pink carebear is my favorite.

    zach koriniszach korinis20 soat oldin
  • Rifin bits on a bad podcast

    Benjamin MooreBenjamin Moore22 soat oldin
  • This should only be audio. For real. Audio only. Get a Stitcher account.

    Benjamin MooreBenjamin Moore22 soat oldin
  • The guy in the black looks like a Southpark version of some dude

    Phil McCutcheonPhil McCutcheonKun oldin
  • this guy is so hilarious! seems like Mark would be cool as shit to hang out with! I'm that same way, that internal voice the whole time saying "did they take that comment wrong?" "did that make me sound like a ___?" but powering through like a champ! im still in the "wow wtf did they just think about me" part where it stutters me and i lose my train of thought lol great stuff though

    Terry SalasTerry Salas2 kun oldin
  • Two words,, Mic Stands! my arms are tired just watching you guys. I have a cramp.

    brooksepc Brooksbrooksepc Brooks3 kun oldin
  • That was good

    GiffyGiffy3 kun oldin
  • 14:45 time stamp for that epic burp

    Pat WalshPat Walsh3 kun oldin
  • Boners, insecurities, & diarrhea: The legacy of a life well-lived. Mark Normand, you're awesome. 15:31

    Aranor BruceAranor Bruce3 kun oldin
  • I keep re-watching the laughter at Mark's comment just after 6:17; _genuine_ laughter in others makes me LMAO!

    Aranor BruceAranor Bruce3 kun oldin
  • How much did he get paid to be here lol

    Drew BegemanDrew Begeman4 kun oldin
  • Go Browns!!

    Jason TemplemanJason Templeman4 kun oldin
  • great podcast. Thanks

    Charles BriggsCharles Briggs4 kun oldin
  • Theory: The only reason Brendan Schaub hasn't been on Are You Garbage yet is because everyone already knows he is

    Tim JacuzziTim Jacuzzi4 kun oldin
    • @Daisy Duke ...say it to his face big man!! Show him

      Ivan IchianusIvan Ichianus4 kun oldin
    • Brendan is a silver spoon kid who would make up stories about being "poor". Like one time he went camping and his air mattress deflated...Fuckin pussy shaub, fight me! Im bigger than you!

      Daisy DukeDaisy Duke4 kun oldin
  • Hey Mark, do you read these?

    T Jackson DolphT Jackson Dolph4 kun oldin
    • He only reads comments that savagely insult Brendan Schaub

      Tim JacuzziTim Jacuzzi4 kun oldin
  • Hi mark sorry Ive been gone for a while, any chance you are coming to Northern Washington anytime soon?

    Travis DTravis D4 kun oldin
    • What kind of giant boulder are you hiding under, the whole fucking world is dying of covid, move to Florida or Texas if you want civilization, everyone else is locking down harder cause it really does cure covid

      Jeremy WatersJeremy Waters2 kun oldin
  • MN is funny as fuck

    Gary DalyGary Daly4 kun oldin
  • the 2 hosts chuckles sync up sound waves and become a higher magnitude of louder chucles

    nick mnick m4 kun oldin
  • Whos gonna host jeopardy now

    T¡nfo¡l HatT¡nfo¡l Hat4 kun oldin
  • Normand is my spirit animal

    T¡nfo¡l HatT¡nfo¡l Hat4 kun oldin
  • hi

    Alex HeAlex He4 kun oldin
  • Foley looks like Brendan Schaub if he stopped exercising.

    Broseidon77Broseidon774 kun oldin
  • H. Foley looks like Chris Farley.... Not just coz fat... Not all fat people look alike... Shut up

    Birbal Boniface MusobaBirbal Boniface Musoba4 kun oldin
  • Jesus wtf is the milk thing? I drink half a gallon a day but I love animals! lmfao I'm so confused ...

    juicinsjuicins4 kun oldin
  • ◤ᴅɪʀᴛʏᴠᴀʟᴇɴᴛ͢͢͢ɪɴᴇ💑◢ ★L๏veͥรeͣxͫ★ ▶ 💋 I loro stati di salute❤️ rispettivi prevenirli 💖💕💕 per avvicinarsi troppo Mensile Cabal? Al giorno d'oggi, tuttavia, si e olturasizbi?js

    Amel AlviAmel Alvi4 kun oldin
  • 19 detik mendebarkan

    info kejadian kota makassarinfo kejadian kota makassar4 kun oldin
  • Didn’t realize I was garbage until watching this, tremendous

    Adam BenefieldAdam Benefield4 kun oldin
  • Seinfeld doesnt identify as white..

    Scott ParkerScott Parker4 kun oldin
  • Is the fat dude on coke?

    Dean WinchesterDean Winchester4 kun oldin
  • East coast people are gay.

    DIYTFYDIYTFY4 kun oldin
  • That little dude in the black is trying to be Mark with his faux voice

    Steven DileonardoSteven Dileonardo4 kun oldin
  • the sound is deff garbage

    Sleazy MouseSleazy Mouse5 kun oldin
  • I love how Mark always reps his hometown and the Saints

    Nick JacksonNick Jackson5 kun oldin
  • Bradley DennoBradley Denno5 kun oldin
  • Hell yeah i was like number 666 all heil mark normand

    Adam AloofAdam Aloof5 kun oldin
  • ear rape for the intro. fix those levels, yo.

    craxypacketscraxypackets5 kun oldin
  • too loud duds

    SteveSteve5 kun oldin
  • Mark needs to start his own pod , it’s not like those other guys aren’t funny it’s just they’re not lmfao

    Gerardo MartinGerardo Martin5 kun oldin
    • Hes got a podcast with joe list called tuesdays with stories, theyve done like 400 episodes mate

      Lunatic MDLunatic MD4 kun oldin
  • Only watching because of mark Norman idk who those other guys are

    Gerardo MartinGerardo Martin5 kun oldin
  • Did he just do your bedwetting is like hiding a body joke to your face? Lol

    John KimbleJohn Kimble5 kun oldin
    • It sounded genuine. Like he really felt like he felt like that when he was a kid. I bet he probably heard mark say it one time and related to it, has said it to everyone now and forgot mark said it. Just how I interpreted it

      Dean WinchesterDean Winchester4 kun oldin
  • Darren daulten cut out ! I had one that told ur height. The Dutch,!!! Lol

    BlackCloud 1985BlackCloud 19855 kun oldin
  • H. Foley fills the bowl every time he drops a deuce 💩💩💩!

    GTPEACE9R 75GTPEACE9R 755 kun oldin
  • 27:47 “it’s all good” is just a hip hop remix of “all is good” which is a phrase used in black churches

    G The EntityG The Entity5 kun oldin
  • "Ok..I'll go fuck myself..." LMMFAO!!

    Mike RMike R5 kun oldin
  • Can’t believe they abandoned GAS digital!!

    Justin HouleJustin Houle5 kun oldin
  • Eagles hat, yes you're garbage

    mickey abbotmickey abbot5 kun oldin
  • The part about sleeping around the wet spot! 🤣 the one downfall of being a squirter

    Berta MendozaBerta Mendoza5 kun oldin
  • Pinky's got that classic fat man laugh, jovial belly bounce, tongue out and everything Edit: snorting. Also snorting.

    OsirisOsiris6 kun oldin
  • Wait, wait...a 3some with your nephew’s parents? That would be your sibling and their spouse. Ewww.

    Tony LeeTony Lee6 kun oldin
  • bookmark 21:00

    Dave McMichaelDave McMichael6 kun oldin
  • Man 2022 Fighter & the Kid is awesome!

    Reis BaronReis Baron6 kun oldin
  • god damn that was a good ep

    Yusuf RoncoYusuf Ronco6 kun oldin
  • I miss the radio

    D CD C6 kun oldin
  • Guy on left looks like stav ate artie lang

    TheitaniofRomeTheitaniofRome6 kun oldin
  • hanging out with my older brother 2020

    MooseheadStudiosMooseheadStudios6 kun oldin
  • Y’all gay bruhh

    Jase BamberJase Bamber6 kun oldin
  • Hi :)

    Julie MartinJulie Martin6 kun oldin
  • those fucking mics have to go get some real shit

    McGheeOHMcGheeOH6 kun oldin
  • I'm 7 minutes in and I'm calling it. Mark Normand is 🗑.

    Jason RemingtonJason Remington6 kun oldin
  • guys, you need better mics!

    SoullesSSoullesS6 kun oldin
  • Huge Mark Normand fan. Love your comedy man!

    Billy KingBilly King6 kun oldin
  • Thank you Mark for sharing all this great comedy with us. You're totally right about Netflix, they don't know what they missed out and now we can all see the shallow nature of the service. Comedy is changing but I have faith that people like you will keep it alive, lots of love from the UK, hope to see you out here in the near future!

    Tariq MegrisiTariq Megrisi6 kun oldin
  • Mark, top* 5 people out there

    thatfitdad IGthatfitdad IG6 kun oldin
  • This is what guys are doing when our women think we are out doing scandalous shit.

    Jon TolarJon Tolar6 kun oldin
  • Already seen the video, just coming here to like and comment 👍

    brownstone002brownstone0026 kun oldin
  • Guy in the pink reminds me of Lee Syatt

    nathan jualinnathan jualin6 kun oldin
  • Ill never plastic bag a window.. U drive it straight to the glass shop

    Jacob Harrington -CoCorKillerJacob Harrington -CoCorKiller6 kun oldin
  • Got a messy period sex commercial with this one . Gotta say NOT PSYCHED 😨

    m taitm tait6 kun oldin
  • "this is a family podcast" ~fat guy with pink shirt

    Blip AmvsBlip Amvs6 kun oldin
  • Damn, whoever the plastic surgeon was that fixed Arties blow out nose did an amazing job!

    NaltddeshaNaltddesha6 kun oldin
  • Wish I'd known about this. I'd love to ask Mark some garbage

    FierceDeityXeroXFierceDeityXeroX6 kun oldin
  • 43:20 What's "decal on your car" latino crap. Please enlighten.

    la patria o la tumbala patria o la tumba6 kun oldin
    • A

      NaltddeshaNaltddesha5 kun oldin
  • came here by mistake and stayed. nice podcast good garbage

    davidxtcdavidxtc6 kun oldin
  • Everyone in this video was alive.

    Tabman and The Well ThinksTabman and The Well Thinks6 kun oldin
  • Are all three of these gentleman holding there noses shut. Cuz that's what all there voices sound like if you close your eyes. Lol

    antonio sandovalantonio sandoval6 kun oldin
    • @Andre Maines your right gives them that stereotypical comedian voice which I love. But even if they were talking about something serious it sound like they're doing a bit. Chappelle has his problem too no matter how serious he sounds it always sounds like he's telling a joke.

      antonio sandovalantonio sandoval6 kun oldin
    • People from the east coast (specifically NY and tri state area) get that perpetually plugged nose because the air quality is so bad. It turns them into mouth breathers but I think it's cool because it gives them unique sounding voices

      Andre MainesAndre Maines6 kun oldin
  • I liked the video just because he has an eagles hat lol

    Jordan HeblingerJordan Heblinger6 kun oldin
  • Great pod

    Danny WKDanny WK6 kun oldin
  • love how mark just uploads everyones videos to his page lol

    Elton John CandyElton John Candy6 kun oldin
    • its cool tbh its puts me on some pretty solid channels i probably wouldnt find otherwise.

      jon Baileyjon Bailey3 kun oldin
    • It’s all part of the queef.

      Steve WohlfordSteve Wohlford4 kun oldin
    • I'm sure he is getting their permission first. They probably send him the recording.

      R WR W4 kun oldin
    • Only the smaller ones

      Dean WinchesterDean Winchester4 kun oldin
    • Dont ruin it

      ROB RobROB Rob4 kun oldin
  • Go Birds!! 🦅

    C HC H6 kun oldin
  • Matt and Shane's Secret Trash Cast

    you cant leave this emptyyou cant leave this empty6 kun oldin
  • Mark ,... get on Annie Lederman's Podcast

    Larry EinsteinLarry Einstein6 kun oldin
  • "It was like Goonies..." that's funny.

    TheDude1316TheDude13166 kun oldin
  • If Mark Normand is garbage, I'm an alien from Melmak! ...nanu nanu...🖖

    la patria o la tumbala patria o la tumba6 kun oldin
  • Go Eagles ya mooks

    Bob RectorBob Rector6 kun oldin
  • 33:38 "You're like, 'Here's resources, I GOTTA GATHER THEM.'" Most underated line of the episode! 😆😂

    Dan NDan N6 kun oldin
  • What this is needs to be on Who Are These Podcasts

    ADVENT AvengerADVENT Avenger6 kun oldin
  • Philly sucks and dude with the butt cut on the shelf looks gay

    Alexander GoschAlexander Gosch6 kun oldin
  • 0:12

    James MartinezJames Martinez6 kun oldin
  • Damn man you on everyone's podcast

    travis 420travis 4206 kun oldin
  • If you close your eyes, Foley and Normand sound exactly the same lol

    xcalabur18xcalabur186 kun oldin
    • @Asif Akhtar same

      Jan WillemJan Willem5 kun oldin
    • Same! Lol

      Chris RhoadsChris Rhoads6 kun oldin
    • Dead on the same.

      Roberto MazziniRoberto Mazzini6 kun oldin
    • Exactly, that's the first thing I noticed

      Asif AkhtarAsif Akhtar6 kun oldin
  • the avengers crossover had nothing on this baby

    Aaron BolanosAaron Bolanos6 kun oldin
  • I don't trust a guy like H Foley, where's your first name bud?

    And IAnd I6 kun oldin
    • @And I actually, his middle name is Hippo.

      OsirisOsiris6 kun oldin
    • @And I Did you know that Chevy Chase's real name is Cornelius?

      KlausKlaus6 kun oldin
    • @bshan0713 He seems cool, I just don't trust like that lol, especially as his name isn't even weird in the slightest, I was kinda hoping he was named Hippocrates or something.

      And IAnd I6 kun oldin
    • H foley (Henry) is the man. I dont want to hear a bad word about him.

      bshan0713bshan07136 kun oldin
  • This is gonna be gay

    Dakota NewburyDakota Newbury6 kun oldin
  • H Foley so friggin fat! Stop eating already! You're done eating for like the next month

    Ed BunkersEd Bunkers6 kun oldin
  • Holy shit, these guys are vibin hard with Normand's weird, neurotic energy...subscribed!

    JetJetJetJet6 kun oldin
  • Beer slides into Fran first 2 mins😂

    Jacob Ponce de LeonJacob Ponce de Leon6 kun oldin
  • Mark is a classy piece of trash

    Cameron AdamsCameron Adams6 kun oldin